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We want to give every lawn the best chance at flourishing all year round.

Your lawn deals with a lot throughout the year, and faces new challenges with each changing season. This is why we spend time tailoring regular treatment programmes for you, to combat the difficulties of keeping a lawn in peak condition during the varying harsh weather conditions that each season brings.

You may find you are having problems with your lawn at many different times and with varying levels of severity across the span of a year. What we can promise you, in response to that, is a consistent level of care and dedication to your lawn. Whether there are large problems affecting your garden that you need assistance with, or your lawn simply needs some TLC – our lawn experts are on hand with specialised seasonal treatments to aid it back to its healthy, vibrant best.

How do seasonal treatments work?

One of our lawn care experts will visit your lawn at least five times a year to apply specialist treatments that suit the time of year and will combat the seasonal hardships that affect your lawn. The treatment given will be considered by analysing the time of year and the environmental conditions that your area will be facing. The goal is to keep your lawn supplied with all the nutrients it needs throughout the year regardless of adverse weather conditions, which means that it will keep growing healthily.

Our seasonal treatments operate on an easy package basis, so you can enjoy a healthy lawn all year-round with simple, affordable monthly payments and a hassle-free set up.


This is a great time to really focus on your lawn renovation, getting it ready for summer after the cold, dark months are over.

The warmer weather that spring brings will give your lawn a new lease of life after winter, reinvigorating growth and presenting the perfect opportunity to make the most of your lawn’s potential.

Early Summer

As temperatures continue to rise and the days become longer, your lawn really starts to come alive. This coincides perfectly with when you will likely want to start using your lawn for BBQs and outdoor events.

At this time of year, we aim to give your lawn everything it needs to grow lusciously thick and verdant, making your visitors green with envy.

Late Summer

Towards the end of the summer months, the high temperatures and dry weather can leave your lawn looking a little sorry for itself.

During the late summer season, we will give your lawn the TLC it needs to stay looking its best, so you can continue enjoying it while the good weather holds out.


Things in your garden begin to slow down during autumn, as nights draw in and temperatures get cooler. But by focusing on lawn care during this time of year, you can get ahead of the game in preparing your lawn for next spring.

With an autumn treatment we will repair your lawn from any summer sun damage, whilst also getting it ready for the upcoming winter.


While much of the garden lies dormant over winter, it’s important to remember that there is still life in your lawn.

Our winter treatments will give your grass a boost when it needs it most, helping it stay hardy and resistant over the colder months.

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