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Things begin to slow down in autumn as the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop. However, autumn is a really important time for lawn care, and so a diligent approach will be rewarded come spring. 

Starting to control moss

Moss can become a major issue over autumn and winter and can completely take over a lawn in a short period of time. Not only does this make your lawn look uneven, and give it a spongy feeling underfoot, it steals nutrients from your lawn too. Contact your Greensleeves Lawn Manager if you spot any moss, as they will be able to provide you with a variety of treatment options.

Lawn feed 

Perhaps the most important time of year for a lawn feed, our autumn seasonal treatment uses a fertiliser solution specially formulated for the season. Not only does this help your lawn recover from the summer but also stay thick and healthy during the cooler portion of the year, as well as helping to keep away various pests that can harm your turf. 

Lawn renovation

If the prolonged heat, wildlife or general wear and tear has damaged your lawn in the summer months, autumn is one of the best times to repair damage using our full lawn renovation service. This multi treatment package can salvage even the most badly damaged of lawns, transforming them into a luscious green. Find out more.

Thatch control

Over time your lawn can develop an excessively thick thatch layer. While a little thatch is normal and healthy, too much can harm your lawn – preventing it from getting enough light and nutrients – as well as providing the perfect breeding ground for various diseases and pests. For this reason, we recommend a scarification treatment each year.


Soil compaction can be an issue over the autumn and winter, and the best way to combat this is with an aeration treatment. We offer intensive hollow tine aeration, as well as a spiking treatment. These also help water, nutrients and air get to the grass root.


Only carried out in conjunction with either of the above, overseeding is a good way to fix bare patches of lawn that might have developed over the summer. The quickest way to revive it is by carrying out overseeding. Find out more this special treatment here.


Various insect larvae are present in the autumn and if they feed on your grass roots, they can cause huge damage. We offer an insecticide solution that targets and controls many types of common lawn pest.


Autumn is of course the time of year we associate with seeing colourful toadstools and other mushrooms. However, there are also pervasive fungi that can infect lawns and cause massive damage, such as Fusarium and Red Thread. Be on the look for tell-tale signs, and book a fungicide treatment if spotted.

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