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Don’t put up with a thin or patchy lawn

Our overseeding treatment is the perfect solution if you are suffering with a patchy lawn or thin areas of grass. With overseeding done by our lawn care experts, you can enjoy a thick and green lawn with even grass coverage and a beautifully lush appearance.

Why choose our overseeding treatment?

We use professional-grade equipment

The last thing you want to do is create more bare patches of grass with uneven manual seeding, which is why we use professional-grade equipment to ensure your lawn is overseeded thoroughly and evenly for the best possible results.

We use high quality grass seed

During your overseeding treatment we use only high quality grass seed, so you can rest assured that in a matter of weeks your lawn will look beautifully thick, green and healthy. By having this service as part of an ongoing package, this works out at great value for money.

Completely hassle-free for you

We offer convenient do-it-all packages for ongoing lawn care that will not only keep your lawn beautifully maintained, but will be completely hassle-free for you. As part of your monthly package, we can take care of your overseeding needs.

We’re your local lawn care experts

We offer convenient and cost-effective solutions, without compromising on quality. As the UK’s number 1 most trusted lawn care experts, you can trust our team to deliver your overseeding treatment effectively and efficiently, with great results at the end.

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Frequently asked questions

When you look at your lawn do you see unsightly bare patches? Or perhaps your lawn looks frustratingly uneven in terms of overall grass coverage? These are signs that your lawn is due for overseeding.

Even if your lawn looks good on the surface, overseeding is still an excellent treatment to give it an extra boost, making your grass more thick and luscious so you can out-do your neighbours.

Overseeding will dramatically improve the appearance of your lawn by getting rid of any bare or thin patches of grass. It will give your lawn an even coverage of thick grass, which not only makes it look beautiful but also makes it more resistant to weeds and disease.

If you want your lawn to be thick, healthy and green, then an overseeding treatment will give it the head-start it needs.

Overseeding your lawn should be an annual practice to make sure your grass looks fantastic for years to come. That’s why we can conveniently include overseeding in your monthly ongoing lawn care, to ensure your lawn is overseeded at the perfect time and in the perfect conditions.

Following a thorough inspection of your lawn, we will determine the best high quality grass seed for your needs. Our experts will use our professional-grade equipment to evenly distribute the grass seeds across your entire lawn, ensuring a full and even coverage.

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I would highly recommend Greensleeves

I would highly recommend Greensleeves who restored our baron-looking lawn which had been eaten away by chauffer grubs to a lush green fantastic lawn in a matter of months and we now have them every few months to keep our lawn looking lush and beautiful by treating it. Also lovely pleasant and helpful staff. Thank you Greensleeves. 


Greensleeves have done a fabulous job…

Greensleeves have done a fabulous job on the lawn in our new house – turning it from a weed-infected patch of green to a true grass lawn. All in the space of a few months during initially very challenging weather conditions. Very happy with the progress that has been made – thank you. 


Good service and good people!

I have been using Greensleeves for a few years now and I am pleased with both their products and service and they definitely know what they are talking about. They come on the day they say they will come, they execute their work quickly and efficiently and above all our lawn has really benefitted from their service. 


Excellent service

We have only just started using Greensleeves but our impression of the company so far is very good. All contact with them has been dealt with promptly and professionally. The first lawn treatment was carried out as arranged today and my husband had a couple of queries regarding the lawn and these were answered in a friendly and informative manner. 


Highly recommend

This Company do a great job of keeping my lawn in tip-top condition. They are very knowledgeable and I feel very reasonable for a job that definitely requires a level of expertise. I initially tried treating my lawn myself but got nowhere near the results of Greensleeves. Would highly recommend. 


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