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Early summer is when your lawn really starts to become alive, and when you’re probably going to start regularly using your garden for things like BBQs and parties. 

At this time of the year our core treatment focuses on ensuring your lawn has all the things it needs to grow lusciously thick and verdant throughout the season. 

Lawn feed

We use our own, specially formulated, summer fertiliser which has been created to avoid scorching your lawn, even if there is very low soil moisture. Our fertiliser will nourish your lawn and give it the leg up it needs to develop into a rich, deep, green colour. 


As your lawn springs into action, so do the weeds. The warm weather will cause common weeds to germinate and spread. These don’t just look unsightly, but they also leach nutrients from your lawn. If necessary, we will apply our own weed-control solution during your treatment to eliminate all unwanted plant life from your lawn. 


Aeration can be an excellent complement to your seasonal treatment. Aeration allows water, air and nutrients to reach the grass root where it’s needed, while also combating soil compaction. We offer two different types of aeration: hollow tine and spiking. Find out more about these treatments here.


Lack of moisture can be a major concern in the warmer months. Our hydration service uses a professional wetting agent that works within the soil to optimise your lawn’s use of water, helping it stay hydrated.


Barren patches of lawn can be caused by multiple things such as wildlife, mower damage or lack of moisture. In conjunction with either scarification or aeration, overseeding sows grass seeds over your turf allowing this damage to be repaired far quicker than if you left it to regrow unaided. Find out more.


While we might think of lawn fungus as being an autumn concern, it can also be prevalent over the summer too, caused by things like mulch. Certain varieties of lawn fungus such as Red Thread can be catastrophically damaging to lawns if left untreated. Our specialist fungicide service uses a powerful fungicidal agent to eliminate various pervasive fungal infections in the lawn.

Hard surface weed control

Of course, it’s not just in your lawn where weeds may start to bother you at this time of year. Seeds could spread and start to grow in areas such as gravel driveways, between patio paving slabs or among concrete paths. That’s why we also offer a comprehensive hard surface weed control service to eradicate weeds in these places as well.

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