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Give your lawn everything it needs to survive the harsh winter elements

Winter might not be the period you tend to associate with lawn care, with a large portion of the garden being seemingly unoccupied or dormant. But don’t be fooled, there is still life in your lawn and therefore work to be done. Our winter treatment will give your lawn the boost it needs to stay resilient and hardy to the colder months.

Why choose our winter lawn treatment?

Keep on top of harmful winter moss

In a time when vital nutrients are limited, it is more crucial than ever to keep an eye out for moss. Not only does moss look unpleasant over your lawn but it also absorbs these precious nutrients, preventing your lawn from flourishing.

Spot fungal diseases early

Fungal lawn diseases, such as Fusarium, thrive in wet conditions. If you notice signs of a fungal infection, it’s important to combat the disease as soon as possible to avoid damage. This is where our experienced lawn experts can help.

Help your grass absorb more light

With winter comes months of dark days, early nights, and little sunlight. At this time of year we focus on moss control to keep your lawn moss-free, helping it to absorb as much light as possible to keep it looking greener and healthier all season.

Get your lawn the nutrients it needs

To keep your lawn alive in its more dormant winter state, ensuring it has access to nutrients is critical. Our winter treatment will make sure the limited nutrients available are not being used up by moss, so that your lawn can spring back to life when the warmer weather returns.

Interested in seasonal winter lawn treatment?

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get the most out of our work and to see the best effects on your lawn we provide year-round treatment programmes. This guarantees that your lawn receives everything it needs to ensure a healthy garden all year round!

Our recommended winter lawn treatment focuses on critical moss control to make sure your lawn receives as much sunlight as possible, along with ensuring access to all the essential nutrients it needs to survive.

Moss may “brown-off” after being treated with our moss treatment. If you notice remaining moss that has been “browned off” it will benefit from being cleared from the grass. This is easily accomplished through raking or scarification, and is an important step to giving your lawn access to as much vital sunlight as possible during the darker months of the year.

We are able to work in the majority of weather conditions, however, to ensure you get the most out of your seasonal treatment, there are some uncommon occasions where it’s simply not possible to carry out successful service, for example in extreme wind or snow. Not to worry though! If this is the case you will be notified as soon as possible and an alternative treatment date which suits you will be arranged.

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I would highly recommend Greensleeves

I would highly recommend Greensleeves who restored our baron-looking lawn which had been eaten away by chauffer grubs to a lush green fantastic lawn in a matter of months and we now have them every few months to keep our lawn looking lush and beautiful by treating it. Also lovely pleasant and helpful staff. Thank you Greensleeves. 


Greensleeves have done a fabulous job…

Greensleeves have done a fabulous job on the lawn in our new house – turning it from a weed-infected patch of green to a true grass lawn. All in the space of a few months during initially very challenging weather conditions. Very happy with the progress that has been made – thank you. 


Good service and good people!

I have been using Greensleeves for a few years now and I am pleased with both their products and service and they definitely know what they are talking about. They come on the day they say they will come, they execute their work quickly and efficiently and above all our lawn has really benefitted from their service. 


Excellent service

We have only just started using Greensleeves but our impression of the company so far is very good. All contact with them has been dealt with promptly and professionally. The first lawn treatment was carried out as arranged today and my husband had a couple of queries regarding the lawn and these were answered in a friendly and informative manner. 


Highly recommend

This Company do a great job of keeping my lawn in tip-top condition. They are very knowledgeable and I feel very reasonable for a job that definitely requires a level of expertise. I initially tried treating my lawn myself but got nowhere near the results of Greensleeves. Would highly recommend. 


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