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Much of the garden lies dormant over the winter, however it’s important to remember that there is still life in your lawn. Our winter treatment gives a boost to the grass, helping it stay hardy and resistant over the colder months. 

Moss control

Keep an eye out for moss, as it can spread rapidly and steal nutrients – which can be scarce over the winter – from the lawn. If you do spot moss growing among the blades of grass, contact your lawn manager quickly to book in a moss control treatment.

Lawn diseases 

It’s also important to still watch out for various fungal lawn diseases that thrive in wet conditions, such as Fusarium. It may not be possible to repair damage caused by fungal infections until the spring, so it’s best to be prudent in eliminating the infection as soon as possible if you spot the tell-tale signs. Find out more here.

Continue to mow

Many people believe that you don’t need to mow the lawn over the winter, but this is not true. Your lawn is still growing, just at a reduced rate, which means the occasional mow will keep it healthy. Just be sure not to mow when the ground is too wet as this causes soil compaction. Find out more about winter mowing here.

Hard surface cleaner

While there might not be many things growing in your flower beds and vegetable patch at this time of the year, you may find some unwelcome mould or algae growing on hard surfaces outdoors which can cause it to become treacherously slippery. We offer a hard surface cleaning service that improves the appearance of hard surfaces as well as making them safer.

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