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Help your lawn cope with the challenges of each season


Combat extreme cold and weather conditions

Try to stay off your lawn if the ground is frozen. However, if the weather has been mild you can continue to remove leaves and debris by lightly raking it.

Your Greensleeves winter lawn care treatment will help to control moss throughout January.


Get through the final weeks of winter

Rake the lawn thoroughly if weather conditions permit. If the weather has been mild you can also begin to think about aerating and scarifying.

Consider installing water butts in your garden now to catch the rainwater – it will come in very handy come summer to keep a thirsty lawn hydrated.

Give the edges of your lawn some attention by repairing and reshaping them ready for the first cut of the year.


See in spring with a healthy lawn

With warmer spring temperatures leading to new grass growth, your lawn will require the first cut of the year to be made around about this time. Don’t cut too severely though, simply take the ‘top’ off and neaten up the edges using blades or a strimmer to ensure a tidy finish.

You can speak to your local Greensleeves expert for help with spring moss and thatch control, or leave us to handle it as part of your ongoing lawn care package.


Keep on top of rapid lawn growth

As the weather continues to get warmer in April, you will find that your lawn needs regular mowing to keep it healthy and under control. This is also a good time of year to think about overseeding any bare patches that have been left after winter – our experts can take care of it as part of your ongoing maintenance plan.

We can also provide an effective weed control treatment if you notice the spring growth begins getting out of hand.


Prepare for summer months ahead

As your lawn continues to grow, make sure that you are mowing regularly to maintain its health and tidy appearance.

May is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for summer, when you will start using it more for outdoor activities and entertaining. A combined aeration and aqua boost treatment will get your lawn prepared for dryer days ahead, and this is something our experts can help with.


Get into the summer lawn care swing

At this time of year, make sure any weeds are removed before you mow to help prevent them from spreading. You should be mowing around once per week to keep your lawn tidy, healthy and ready for summer use.

Avoid watering in the middle of the day, as the summer sun will evaporate all the moisture before it can get to your grass roots.


Make the most of your summer garden

At this time of year the summer sun is at its high, and periods of drought may occur. We recommend leaving your lawn to grow slightly longer than usual before mowing, as this helps your grass maintain better moisture levels.

Rather than watering little-and-often, you should douse your lawn in water a couple of times a week, making sure to water in the morning or evening for maximum impact.



Enjoy your garden all summer long

Continue to keep on top of weekly mowing, weed removal and high-impact watering throughout August.

As the summer heat rages on, keeping on top of these three areas of lawn maintenance will keep your grass healthy, so you can enjoy using your garden right up to the end of the season.


An important month for lawn maintenance

As autumn begins, this is a critical time of year for lawn care if you want your lawn to stay healthy long-term.

We advise raising the height of your mower blades and reducing how often you mow. This will help thicken and protect the grass roots ahead of the cold weather to come. This is also the perfect time to scarify your lawn for enhanced moss and thatch control.

Other things to keep and eye on in September are lawn diseases and leatherjacket infestations, both of which our experts can help with.


Winter is coming, and your lawn needs to be prepared

With heavy leaf fall and high potential for lawn disease, it’s important that you regularly rake your lawn to remove any debris during late autumn.

You should also speak to your local Greensleeves experts about aerating your lawn in October, to help de-compact the soil, and improve both airflow and drainage ahead of the dampest time of year.


Protect your lawn from dropping temperatures

Continue to remove debris from your lawn regularly as winter sets in. Controlling moss and thatch, which our experts can help you with, is essential at this time of year to keep your lawn healthy despite the dropping temperatures.

A specialised seasonal fertiliser, like the one we apply in our winter treatment, will also help to protect your lawn from the winter elements and maintain its green colour.


Dreaming of a white Christmas and a healthy lawn

December brings with it the darkest days of the year, with extreme cold and very little sunlight. To keep your lawn healthy in these conditions it’s important keep it as clear of debris, moss and thatch as you can, allowing as much light as possible to get to the grass roots.

At this time of year you only need to mow once a month at the most. This will help keep the grass roots strong and ready to flourish again come spring.

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At Greensleeves, we know that a lush green lawn doesn’t happen on its own. It takes time and effort to get the best out of your grass, and keeping it healthy all year round requires ongoing maintenance.

We work in partnership with you to keep your lawn thriving and looking its best. Our experts will take care of every treatment and enhancement your lawn could need throughout the year, but there are certain things you will need to do between our visits to keep it healthy and beautiful. 

If you’re worried about keeping your lawn healthy, then speak to us! Our experts are on hand to support you with any advice and services you need. 

For some of our best tips on how to keep your lawn at its best, visit our lawn care hub.

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I would highly recommend Greensleeves

I would highly recommend Greensleeves who restored our baron-looking lawn which had been eaten away by chauffer grubs to a lush green fantastic lawn in a matter of months and we now have them every few months to keep our lawn looking lush and beautiful by treating it. Also lovely pleasant and helpful staff. Thank you Greensleeves. 


Greensleeves have done a fabulous job…

Greensleeves have done a fabulous job on the lawn in our new house – turning it from a weed-infected patch of green to a true grass lawn. All in the space of a few months during initially very challenging weather conditions. Very happy with the progress that has been made – thank you. 


Good service and good people!

I have been using Greensleeves for a few years now and I am pleased with both their products and service and they definitely know what they are talking about. They come on the day they say they will come, they execute their work quickly and efficiently and above all our lawn has really benefitted from their service. 


Excellent service

We have only just started using Greensleeves but our impression of the company so far is very good. All contact with them has been dealt with promptly and professionally. The first lawn treatment was carried out as arranged today and my husband had a couple of queries regarding the lawn and these were answered in a friendly and informative manner. 


Highly recommend

This Company do a great job of keeping my lawn in tip-top condition. They are very knowledgeable and I feel very reasonable for a job that definitely requires a level of expertise. I initially tried treating my lawn myself but got nowhere near the results of Greensleeves. Would highly recommend. 


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