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Moss and excess thatch can be detrimental to your lawn, stopping your grass from growing healthily or even killing it completely. Our intensive control treatment, technically known as intensive scarification, will remove high volumes of moss and thatch to improve your lawn’s health in one fell sweep.

Why choose our intensive moss and thatch control treatment?

Give your grass a chance to flourish

Moss and excess thatch can starve your grass of the oxygen, water and nutrients it needs to flourish and grow. With intensive moss and thatch control, we can remove all the harmful organic matter from your lawn and unleash its full potential.

Get your lawn back on track

Intensive moss and thatch removal is often the first step to getting your lawn healthy again. With this intensive treatment and ongoing lawn care from our experts, you can get your lawn back on track and keep it healthy for the long-term.

High impact, low stress

Our intensive moss and thatch control treatment will yield high impact results, with no stress to you. As part of an ongoing lawn care package, our experts can take care of everything to keep your lawn thriving, so that you don’t have to worry.

Benefit from professional-grade equipment

Our experts use professional-grade equipment and specially formulated products to remove moss and thatch, which are not available to the public. Our treatment will also save you from having to buy any equipment, so it works out cheaper for you!

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Frequently asked questions

Removing moss and thatch from lawns has many benefits. It helps your grass flourish by letting more sunlight and nutrients reach the soil. It also clears more space for grass to grow, improves air circulation, and prevents diseases. Plus, it makes the lawn look healthier and more resilient to drought and pests.

Intensive moss and thatch removal, along with continued maintenance, is an essential step to getting a lush, green lawn.

Intensive moss and thatch control is a high impact treatment for when you’re dealing with a build up of harmful organic matter on your lawn. It should be done annually, or as required, to give your lawn the foundations to flourish year-round.

It’s also important to keep on top of moss and thatch control with regular maintenance, which you can get with our convenient ongoing lawn care packages.

Yes! Our treatments are all perfectly safe for children and pets long-term, and they can go back to enjoying your lawn within an hour of us finishing. For grazing animals we may recommend a short period of time before they can go back on your lawn, and our experts will advise you on everything you need to know.

Is your lawn looking patchy or uneven in colour? Is your grass not growing as well as you would like? Or perhaps your lawn feels spongy underfoot? All of these are signs of a moss and thatch invasion on your lawn. Our experts will be able to fully assess your lawn and advise you on the best course of treatment to get your lawn healthy and thriving again.

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I would highly recommend Greensleeves

I would highly recommend Greensleeves who restored our baron-looking lawn which had been eaten away by chauffer grubs to a lush green fantastic lawn in a matter of months and we now have them every few months to keep our lawn looking lush and beautiful by treating it. Also lovely pleasant and helpful staff. Thank you Greensleeves. 


Greensleeves have done a fabulous job…

Greensleeves have done a fabulous job on the lawn in our new house – turning it from a weed-infected patch of green to a true grass lawn. All in the space of a few months during initially very challenging weather conditions. Very happy with the progress that has been made – thank you. 


Good service and good people!

I have been using Greensleeves for a few years now and I am pleased with both their products and service and they definitely know what they are talking about. They come on the day they say they will come, they execute their work quickly and efficiently and above all our lawn has really benefitted from their service. 


Excellent service

We have only just started using Greensleeves but our impression of the company so far is very good. All contact with them has been dealt with promptly and professionally. The first lawn treatment was carried out as arranged today and my husband had a couple of queries regarding the lawn and these were answered in a friendly and informative manner. 


Highly recommend

This Company do a great job of keeping my lawn in tip-top condition. They are very knowledgeable and I feel very reasonable for a job that definitely requires a level of expertise. I initially tried treating my lawn myself but got nowhere near the results of Greensleeves. Would highly recommend. 


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