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Towards the end of the summer months, blazing sun on top of increased use can lead to lawns looking a little sorry for themselves if not properly cared for. 

At this time of the year our service really focuses on giving your lawn everything needed to stay looking its absolute best in the heat, so that you can really enjoy it. 

Lawn feed

We will continue to apply our own specially created fertiliser. We designed this fertiliser to give your grass the boost it needs to flourish over the summer, and best of all it will not scorch the grass – even if applied during periods of high temperatures and low moisture. 

Keeping it green

The combination of long hot days, dry spells and rapid growth can begin to sap the colour from your lawn. Our seasonal treatment at this point enriches the soil with nutrients that will help the grass maintain that deep green we all want. 

Keeping an eye on weeds

It’s during the later summer months that the garden is at its most active and alive, but sadly that can mean weeds too! So, our late summer treatment also focuses on getting rid of those difficult-to-control weeds such as White Clover, Yarrow, Lesser Trefoil and Woodrush. 

Hard surfaces

It’s not just the lawn that can be blighted by weeds. Clovers, thistles and dandelions spread rapidly and can begin growing on hard surfaces such as driveways and patios. In addition to ruining their look, these weeds can cause damage. Our hard surface weed control service eliminates weeds and helps to keep them from coming back.


During periods of prolonged heat, it is important to be vigilant in keeping the lawn hydrated. Lack of water will result in a yellow, straw-like lawn that can take months to repair. If you want to keep your lawn green during this time it may be necessary to water your lawn instead of relying on a daily sprinkling. We recommend giving the whole lawn a deep soaking a couple of times a week. 

Aerating the lawn 

The best way to help your lawn at this point of the year is by having Lawn Aeration – hollow tine or spiking. Both specialist treatments help nutrients, air and water reach the grass root. This treatment is also complemented by our hydration service, which helps your grass more efficiently using the water it has available.


It’s not just weeds that can harm lawns. There are a variety of grubs and larvae, such as leatherjackets, around at this time of year which can do massive damage. Our insecticide service uses an innovative treatment to manage and control these pests quickly and efficiently.

Fungus watch

Fungi such as Red Thread can have big breakouts at this time of year, spreading rapidly in the right conditions. We offer a special fungicide treatment that controls even the most resistant varieties. Find out more about the tell-tale signs of lawn fungus here.

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