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Greensleeves Tyne & Wear

Greensleeves Tyne & Wear

Keith and Sam Swainston
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Greensleeves Tyne & Wear

Our Tyne and Wear franchise is owned and operated by experienced lawn care expert Keith Swainston and his wife Sam.

Prior to starting his Greensleeves Lawn Care franchise in July 2008, Keith worked for over 20 years in financial services. The experience he gained when dealing face to face with people on a daily basis, has placed him in good stead for coping with the varying requirements of his customers.

Now a well-established family business with well over 1100 satisfied customers, Keith and Sam offer a professional lawn care service designed to provide their customers with a beautifully consistent green, weed free lawn – the cornerstone of many gardens across Great Britain.

An approachable and friendly individual, Keith prides himself on his honest reliability and ‘can do’ attitude towards dealing with varying customer requirements, within the scope of the services that Greensleeves Lawn Care are able to provide. As such, he is always available to provide help and advice to customers on any aspect of their lawn.

Greensleeves have spent many years working with lawns and have developed their own range of branded fertilisers. These are tailored perfectly for the needs of your lawn, throughout the year. Alongside our fertiliser treatment, we will apply a weed treatment which will remove all those dandelions, daisies and buttercups – as well as the whole manner of other weeds which spoil that green uniformity.

Moss is also a problem that is experienced by many people – our Greensleeves Lawn Care programme is designed in order to reduce moss. Scarification and hollow tine aeration are two of the additional services Greensleeves are able to offer in the battle against moss. Both offer great benefits to the lawn in general and improve the overall growing conditions, health and appearance of the grass.

Q&A with Keith Swainston of Greensleeves Tyne & Wear

How long have you been with Greensleeves?

13 years.

Tell us a little bit about what you do…

Treat lawns, scarification, aeration and seeding.

Who else is on your team?

Sam in the office and my brother Anthony on the lawns.

Which areas do you cover?

SR2: Sunderland, Ryhope, Tunstall. SR3: Sunderland, East Herrington, Middle Herrington, Silksworth. SR4: Sunderland, High Barnes, Hastings Hill. SR5: Sunderland, Castletown, Fulwell Mill. SR6: Cleadon, Whitburn, Seaburn, South Bents, Roker. SR7: Seaham, Dalton- le-Dale, Seaton, Murton. SR8: Peterlee, Easington, Horden. NE8: Gateshead. NE9: Gateshead, Springwell Village, Low Fell, Eighton Banks. NE10: Gateshead, Felling, Wardley, Windy Nook. NE16: Whickham, Sunniside, Burnopfield. NE21: Blaydon-on-Tyne, Winlaton. NE31: Hebburn. NE32: Jarrow. NE33: South Shields. NE34: South Shields. NE35: Boldons, Boldon Colliery. NE36: East Boldon, West Boldon. NE37: Washington. NE38: Washington, Picktree, High Rickleton, Fatfield, Harraton. NE39: Rowlands Gill, Blackhall Mill, High Spen. NE40: Ryton, Crawcrook. NE41: Wylam. NE42: Prudhoe. NE43: Stocksfield. NE44: Riding Mill. NE45: Corbridge. NE46: Hexham. NE47: Slaley. NE49: Haltwhistle.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Meeting people.

Why did you choose to specialise in lawns?

Through playing football and cricket, i’ve always been interested in grass.

Which is your favourite season to work in?


What do you like to listen to in your van?

Greatest hits or Smooth radio.

Which is your favourite service station?

Catterick Village (Chisholms).

Are you a tea or coffee person? Or something else entirely?


If people would like to speak to you, what are the best ways to get in touch?


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