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gardening and mental health

Gardening and Mental Health

5th February 2020

Gardening and mental health have been linked for years, not just for those suffering with problems, but for pretty much everyone who doesn’t get enough time outside. The winter months can leave many of us feeling down, with less energy or desire to go out than we would have in the spring or summer. It […]

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Winter Plants: A Guide To Winter Flowering Plants

14th January 2020

Despite the fact that we tend to spend less time in our gardens during the winter, it’s important not to let them go bare as soon as the cold weather rolls around. There are many flower species that can actually thrive in freezing temperatures and add a wide range of colours and scents to your […]

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winter compost in garden

How To Compost In Winter: Tips & Tricks

10th January 2020

You might think that your list of gardening jobs has gone down as we head into winter, but actually, there is still plenty to do. Preparation is key to making sure your flower beds and plants are ready to shine when spring rolls around.  Composting is one of those year-round tasks that can have huge […]

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causes of moss in lawns

What Causes Moss In Lawns?

10th December 2019

Moss grows in lawns due to soil compaction and excess thatch. Shade, soil type, drainage, and incorrect lawn care practices also cause moss to grow in lawns. It is important to remove moss from your lawn in order to make sure your lawn stays strong, healthy and looks luscious and green. We’ve put together a […]

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Artificial grass vs natural grass being laid

Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

2nd December 2019

Artificial grass has become popular in recent years. There are many questions out there about artificial grass vs natural grass and which you should choose to have. The truth is, it really comes down to what you want from your lawn. There are many misconceptions out there about which grass actually has more benefits, which […]

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Waterlogged Lawn: How To Avoid and Fix

8th November 2019

Lawns can get compacted and waterlogged over the winter period, leading to waterlogging. Make sure you aerate and over-seed in spring, to reduce compaction and give your lawn a great chance of growing back to the healthy, green lawn you love!

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