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Summer – it’s all about hydration

As summer rolls in, the scorching sun and rising temperatures pose a challenge to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. Effective hydration becomes crucial during this time to ensure your grass remains resilient and beautiful. In this blog, we discuss the importance of watering your lawn, the threats posed by inadequate hydration, the effects of high temperatures on grass, responsible watering practices, and how Greensleeves’ expert lawn hydration treatments and services keep your lawn thriving.

Your lawn needs regular watering in summer

Watering your lawn is essential for several reasons. Proper hydration strengthens the root system, improving the lawn’s ability to withstand stress factors such as heat, foot traffic, and disease. Additionally, water helps cool the grass blades and soil, reducing the impact of prolonged high temperatures.

If your lawn doesn’t receive adequate hydration during the summer, those stress factors become critical threats to the overall health of the lawn – and it may not recover. Insufficient water supply leads to shallow root growth. This can result in unsightly browning, thinning, and even complete loss of grass.

High temperatures – the effects on grass

High temperatures have a profound impact on grass health. Excessive heat can cause the soil to dry out quickly, leading to dehydration and nutrient imbalances. The grass may enter a state of dormancy and stop growing as a survival mechanism. Prolonged heat stress can also weaken the grass, making it more vulnerable to disease and pest infestations.

Water responsibly

You’ll be watering more often in summer than any other season so it is important to adopt
responsible watering practices, to conserve water and minimise environmental impact. Here are some tips:

  • Watering schedule: water deeply and infrequently to encourage deep root growth. In periods of hot weather with very little rainfall, we recommend a heavy dousing of water once or twice a week instead of ‘little and often’. Water early in the morning or early evening when the temperature is cooler to reduce evaporation.
  • Proper irrigation: use sprinklers or irrigation systems that distribute water evenly. Avoid overwatering or creating puddles, as this can lead to shallow root growth and water wastage.
  • Soil moisture monitoring: regularly check the moisture level of the soil. Insert a screwdriver or a skewer into the ground to determine if it’s dry or moist. Adjust your watering levels accordingly.

Our treatments and services

As hydration is fundamental to the health of your lawn, Greensleeves offer treatments and services to ensure your lawn is hydrated as effectively as possible.

During a lawn hydration treatment, Greensleeves’ wetting agent is used to ensure the optimum use of available water. This allows applied water to efficiently enter the soil and give complete coverage, deep down into the root zone. It helps go pre-condition lawns ahead of the hottest months but it can also help to revive lawns that are already showing signs of heat damage.

Hydration and aeration

We recommend that our lawn hydration service is completed following an aeration treatment. Aeration enables your lawn to breathe, making it easier for air and water to penetrate into the ground and increasing absorption levels.

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