Weeds – spot them and stop them ruining your summer lawn

News | 06 July 2023
Weeds – spot them and stop them ruining your summer lawn

Summer is a season of growth and vitality, and that includes the unwelcome presence of weeds in our lawns and gardens. Weeds can quickly invade and detract from the beauty of a well-maintained lawn, interrupting the uniform green and spoiling the overall aesthetic. At Greensleeves, we understand the frustrations that come with battling these persistent intruders. In this blog, we will delve into the world of weeds, explore the various weed control treatments offered by Greensleeves, and how you can protect your lawn from their damaging effects.

What are weeds?

Weeds are plants that grow in unwanted areas, disrupting the desired appearance of your lawn. They often produce flowers and seed heads at different times throughout the year, further compromising the uniformity and lushness of your grass. These unsightly invaders can quickly take hold if not properly addressed.

Why do I have weeds in my lawn?

Despite your best efforts to eliminate weeds, they can return due to various factors. Seeds can be brought into your garden by pets, birds, wildlife, or even carried in on the soles of shoes. This means that even if you successfully eradicate weeds once, new ones may appear later in the year. The key to effective weed control lies in both eliminating existing weeds and implementing preventive measures.

What can I do about weeds?

At Greensleeves, we employ our own special herbicide formulated with multiple active ingredients designed to target a broad range of lawn weeds without causing harm to your grass. Our experts can reduce the number of common weeds in your lawn by up to 70% per visit. Weeds are most effectively treated when they are actively growing, typically between April and October. Hand weeding can be a daunting task and may exacerbate the weed problem, particularly for resilient weeds like dandelions. Trust our professionals to accurately identify and control your lawn weed problem, ensuring a healthier and weed-free lawn via our comprehensive weed control services.

Hard surface weed control

Weeds aren’t limited to infiltrating your lawn; they also attempt to take over any available space, including hard surfaces such as patios, paths, driveways, and gravelled areas. Not only do they create an unsightly appearance, but their roots can undermine and damage these surfaces over time. Greensleeves offers a dedicated hard surface weed control treatment for paths, patios and driveways, which swiftly eradicates weeds and helps prevent their regrowth. Our treatment is safe for children and pets, ensuring your entire outdoor space remains beautiful and enjoyable.

Don’t let weeds ruin the beauty of your summer lawn. With Greensleeves’ expertise in weed control, you can effectively combat the presence of these unwelcome intruders. Our specialised herbicide targets a wide range of lawn weeds, minimising their impact and preserving the lushness of your grass. Additionally, our hard surface weed control treatment eliminates weeds from patios, driveways, and other hard surfaces, maintaining their integrity and appearance. Trust Greensleeves to provide reliable and effective weed control solutions, allowing your lawn to thrive and your outdoor space to shine during the summer season and beyond.

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