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As a UK-wide lawn treatment provider we are honoured to say we have been trusted to aid well over 100,000 lawns across the United Kingdom. Once your problem is presented to us, we will work to make sure it is resolved as swiftly as possible.

Do you live in the UK and have a lawn issue that’s concerning you?

Why choose Greensleeves?

We’re trusted

For over 25 years, we have consistently provided the highest level of lawn care services.  Our journey speaks for itself, as we serviced 438 lawns back in 1998 and are now up to 100,000 per year. In fact, from our original 10 customers who trusted us to look after their lawn in 1998, 4 of them are still using Greensleeves to this day!

Our skills and expertise

We know that every lawn requires different forms of care and attention to keep it at its best, which is why each one of our lawn care experts is equipped with the highest level of training and motivation to solve whatever lawn problems you are facing.


We don’t want to just treat your lawn, solve your problem for the short term, and then leave you to deal with whatever may happen next. We’ll work in partnership with you to keep your lawn healthy all year round, including offering advice and support on what to do between our visits.

How to transform your outdoor space


Measure your lawn

If you measure your lawn as accurately as possible and provide us with the measurements, we can provide you with a free instant online quote.


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Browse our lawn care package options, which allow you to customise a treatment plan that is perfectly fit for your lawn.


We handle it

Our friendly lawn care experts will visit to carry out a free lawn analysis. Once that is complete, they will use the top-quality technology we have at hand to tend to your lawn and maintain it on a regular basis.


Enjoy your garden

You can enjoy your lawn all year round, through all seasons without stress.

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Our History

Since our start in 1998, we have spent over 25 years building up our knowledge, experience, technology and range of services to better assist our customers in maintaining the perfect lawn all year round.

Our goal since then has been to continuously improve our service offering and grow our reach across the UK in order to provide the highest quality, affordable lawn care to as many households as possible.

We’re proud of our history and how far we’ve come, and we would love for you to come on our future journey with us.

Find your local expert

If you are interested in giving your lawn the renovation it needs, through the highest grade of lawn treatment available, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. You can start by searching for the nearest local expert in your area – our teams all over the country are waiting to come and transform your lawn!

Don’t just take our word for it

Read what our customers have to say about us…

I would highly recommend Greensleeves

I would highly recommend Greensleeves who restored our baron-looking lawn which had been eaten away by chauffer grubs to a lush green fantastic lawn in a matter of months and we now have them every few months to keep our lawn looking lush and beautiful by treating it. Also lovely pleasant and helpful staff. Thank you Greensleeves. 


Greensleeves have done a fabulous job…

Greensleeves have done a fabulous job on the lawn in our new house – turning it from a weed-infected patch of green to a true grass lawn. All in the space of a few months during initially very challenging weather conditions. Very happy with the progress that has been made – thank you. 


Good service and good people!

I have been using Greensleeves for a few years now and I am pleased with both their products and service and they definitely know what they are talking about. They come on the day they say they will come, they execute their work quickly and efficiently and above all our lawn has really benefitted from their service. 


Excellent service

We have only just started using Greensleeves but our impression of the company so far is very good. All contact with them has been dealt with promptly and professionally. The first lawn treatment was carried out as arranged today and my husband had a couple of queries regarding the lawn and these were answered in a friendly and informative manner. 


Highly recommend

This Company do a great job of keeping my lawn in tip-top condition. They are very knowledgeable and I feel very reasonable for a job that definitely requires a level of expertise. I initially tried treating my lawn myself but got nowhere near the results of Greensleeves. Would highly recommend. 


How can we help?

Frequently asked questions

You may think that your lawn is beyond repair, it might not be! That is what we are here for. We can assess the damage and, wherever possible, bring life back to your lawn and make you proud of your outdoor space again.

We provide an array of treatments in various packages, to make our services as affordable as possible. Whatever care your lawn requires, we can advise you on the most impactful and effective treatment plan to suit your needs and budget. To support the affordability of our services even further, we have a convenient monthly payment structure in place to suit our customers’ needs.

Our team will fully inform you on the best things you can be doing to keep your lawn at its best in between us visiting. We can advise you on do’s and don’ts to keep it in the best condition possible. This will be relayed to you upon us visiting, but if there are any questions in between then please don’t refrain from getting in touch with your local team.

Question not covered?

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