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The must-do treatments your lawn NEEDS this autumn

The must-do treatments your lawn NEEDS this autumn

Your garden was the place to be over the summer months. But with the cooler temperatures meaning you’re outside less, it’s the ideal time to give your lawn some much-needed TLC. And what better way to do it than with our overseeding, lawn repair and lawn renovation treatments. 

Not only will you be tackling any unsightly bare patches, you’ll also be future-proofing your lawn health ahead of the colder months to come. And your efforts will be rewarded in the spring with a luscious, green lawn. Here’s all you need to know about the overseeding, lawn repair and lawn renovation treatments our Greensleeves experts offer, and why now is the perfect time to do them. 

Overseeding: what is it and why does my lawn need it?

Has your lawn got little patches where the grass has totally vanished? You’re not alone. By the end of summer, there are lots of reasons for your lawn looking generally worn out – from mower or wildlife damage to kids playing on the grass. But the good news is, it’s straightforward to fix… and now’s the time to do it.

Overseeding is a rejuvenating lawn treatment offered by our Greensleeves experts all year round, but it’s particularly popular in the autumn. That’s because you’ll naturally be on your lawn less as the days get shorter and the temperature dips. Which means you can easily keep off the treated areas for a couple of weeks while the seeds germinate.

Our experts use a special machine to evenly distribute grass seed on your lawn. It’s an important part of your annual lawn care calendar for a number of reasons:

  • It thickens your lawn which helps prevent new weeds from growing
  • It helps your lawn better withstand disease, moss and overuse
  • It makes your lawn better able to tolerate shade and drought

Find out more about overseeding, and book your treatment, here.

Lawn repair: what is it and why does my lawn need it?

If your lawn needs an extra helping hand, another option is our 5-step lawn repair treatment. This is ideal for areas of your grass that have been damaged. And as with our overseeding treatment, autumn is the ideal time to book in.

Our experts will aerate your lawn, scarify to remove all the debris and then re-seed with our Greensleeves lawn seed. They’ll also dress the re-seeded areas to protect the seed and give it a boost. All you need to do is then regularly water the seed for 2-4 weeks and watch the grass grow!

Find out more about our lawn repair service, and book your treatment, here.

Lawn renovation: what is it and why does my lawn need it?

Does your lawn need major help after a long summer? Then our multi treatment lawn renovation service is just the job. Our experts can restore even the most damaged and patchy of lawns. And that means next year, you’ll have green grass to be proud of!

Our Greensleeves experts will:

  • Scarify 
  • Aerate
  • Reseed
  • Dress with topsoil

Even if you think your lawn is beyond saving, we can help! Get in touch today.

More autumn treatments

Fed up of fungi popping up all over your lawn? Or have you spotted moss and thatch that you need to control? We offer a wide range of seasonal treatments to cover any garden issue you may have.


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