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The heat is on – how Greensleeves’ seasonal treatments will protect your lawn and keep it thriving

The heat is on – how Greensleeves’ seasonal treatments will protect your lawn and keep it thriving

As the summer heat intensifies, your lawn faces a multitude of threats such as drought, heat stress, weeds, and pests. To ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant, Greensleeves offers a range of seasonal treatments designed to protect and nourish your grass. In this blog, we will provide an overview of the late summer treatments provided by Greensleeves and how they can help your lawn overcome these challenges.

Lawn feed
Greensleeves continues to apply their specially created lawn fertiliser treatment during the late summer period. This unique blend of nutrients is designed to provide your grass with the boost it needs to flourish, even during periods of high temperatures and low moisture. The fertiliser is carefully formulated not to scorch the grass, ensuring it stays green and healthy. It is important that this treatment is applied even when the lawn doesn’t look like it needs it – as the fertiliser is then in place for when the weather changes.

Keeping an eye on weeds
Late summer is a time when gardens come alive, but unfortunately, weeds thrive too. Greensleeves’ late summer treatment focuses on tackling difficult-to-control weeds such as White Clover, Yarrow, Lesser Trefoil, and Speedwell. By targeting these weeds, your lawn can maintain its health and beauty.

Hard surfaces
Weeds don’t just affect the lawn; they can also invade hard surfaces like driveways and patios. Greensleeves’ hard surface weed control service controls the growth of weeds in these hard to reach areas. This ensures that not only your lawn but also your hard surfaces remain free from unsightly and damaging weeds such as clovers, thistles, and dandelions.

Aerating the lawn
Late summer is an ideal time for lawn aeration. Greensleeves offers both hollow tine and spiking aeration treatments that help nutrients, air, and water reach the grass roots. This process enhances the lawn’s ability to absorb moisture efficiently and maximises the benefits of watering and fertilisation.

Stay hydrated
During prolonged heat, it is crucial to keep your lawn well hydrated. Insufficient water can result in a yellow, straw-like lawn that takes months to recover. Greensleeves recommends deep watering the entire lawn a couple of times a week, as daily sprinkling may not provide enough moisture to keep the grass green and healthy.Greensleeves also offers a specialist lawn hydration treatment to both pre-condition lawns for the hotter months and also revive lawns already showing signs of heat damage. Our specially formulated hydration treatment optimises the use and absorption of water as you irrigate your lawn over the summer, ensuring moisture is absorbed and retained as efficiently and effectively as possible. We recommend that this treatment is applied following a lawn aeration treatment for the maximum impact.

Insect control
Weeds aren’t the only threat to your lawn; grubs and larvae, such as chafer grubs and leatherjackets, can cause significant damage. Greensleeves provides an insecticide to treat these pests quickly and effectively – helping to protect your lawn from their destructive impact.

Fungus watch
Late summer is also a time when fungi, such as Red Thread, can rapidly spread and damage your lawn. Greensleeves offers a specialised fungicide treatment that effectively controls even the most resistant varieties of fungi, maximising the health and longevity of your grass.

During the summer, lawns face various threats such as heat, drought, weed invasion, and pests. Greensleeves understands these challenges and provides a comprehensive range of late summer treatments to protect and nourish your lawn. By availing our expertise, you can ensure that your lawn remains vibrant, healthy, and resilient, even in the face of summer’s demanding conditions. Don’t let the heat get the better of your lawn – let Greensleeves help it thrive.

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