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Here’s how to have a lawn the whole neighbourhood envies this summer

Here’s how to have a lawn the whole neighbourhood envies this summer

January and February are usually the coldest months here in the UK, and at this time of the year it can feel like those warm days spent sprawled out in a deckchair on a picture-perfect lawn are miles away.

But January is also the time of New Year’s resolutions – and the secret of getting the kind of lawn that makes the whole neighbourhood jealous in the summer is to start a lawn care regime early on in the winter. So if your resolution is to improve your lawn, here’s what you need to know…

Moss control

At this time of year moss, innocuous as it might seem, poses one of the biggest threats to your lawn’s health. With its subtle green hue, you may be completely unaware that it has taken over your lawn.

Moss out-competes swards of grass and can lead to nasty lawn diseases, so getting rid of it is important. Greensleeves’ seasonal treatments work to prevent moss growth. However, if your lawn is ridden with moss it’s best to book in a scarification treatment, which will extract moss from your lawn as well as excess thatch.

If you’re unsure if there’s moss in your lawn, watch out for a spongy feeling and uneven appearance to it. These are the two biggest indicators of its presence.

Keep your lawn aerated

There are two types of lawn aeration: hollow tine and spiking. 

Both methods involve using a machine to press holes into the soil which allows water and nutrients to better reach the roots where they are needed.

Hollow tine aeration also combats soil compaction by removing tiny plugs of earth – which is really important at this time of year, as soil compaction leads to water pooling on the surface which will cause serious harm to your lawn.

Revitalise your lawn by overseeding

Whenever booking an aeration or scarification treatment, you have the option of including overseeding. This is where your lawn is sown with rejuvenating grass seeds which improve your lawn’s vitality, making it grow thicker and more lusciously, as well as increasing tolerance to shade and drought.

Mow when needed

If you’re familiar with our blog you will be well aware that we are big champions of winter mowing, so we will keep this short. But we really can’t overstate this: if your lawn is dry and the temperature floating around 5 degrees Celsius or more, then giving it a periodic mow will do it the world of good.

The trouble with not mowing over the autumn and winter period is that, come spring when you first fire up the mower to remove the top-most third, you also remove a lot of crucial nutrients.

Keep things off the lawn

When the days are short grass needs to get every bit of sunlight it possibly can. Leaf fall, twigs and summer garden furniture will all cast shade and lead to areas of poor growth. So pack away lawn furniture to the shed (this will protect it from the elements and prolong its life anyway), and rake away any foliage or detritus blown onto the lawn.

Looking for more lawn care information? Check our help and advice section for lots of top tips to get your lawn looking its best.


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