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Give your damaged lawn a fresh start with Greensleeves’ renovation service

After an up-and-down summer in the UK, weather-wise, autumn has now arrived. It’s the most logical time to take a step back and assess the health of your lawn and the level of damage caused over the last few weeks. Summer is the period when your lawn is used the most and endures the most stress. This year, the UK experienced the hottest June and the sixth-wettest July since records began in 1836, before a predictably unpredictable August. The effects of these conditions combined with increased usage can leave many lawns in need of a major makeover. Greensleeves has a tried-and-tested solution in the form of our comprehensive lawn renovation service – and autumn is one of the best times to carry it out.

How do I know if my lawn needs renovation?

Extensive dry and barren patches are tell-tale signs that your lawn is struggling and may require major surgery in the form of renovation. These patches can be the result of chafer grub or leatherjacket infestations, scorching from the sun, soil compaction that starves a lawn from nutrients and oxygen, and general wear-and-tear.

Your local Greensleeves lawn care expert will carry out a free assessment of your lawn and recommend the best course of action. Our renovation service can breathe new life into even the most damaged lawns – and it’s also suitable for areas of outdoor space that you wish to transform, such as ground ready for conversion following the removal of a patio or garden path.

How Greensleeves’ lawn renovation service works

Our lawn renovation service is a five-step process, and is applicable to all shapes and sizes of lawn. The size of your lawn will dictate how long each treatment takes, but the procedure will always involve the following stages:

  1. Scarification – any debris on your existing lawn will be removed via a vigorous scarification treatment. This first step is designed to strip everything back and create a blank canvas for your Greensleeves lawn care expert to work from.
  2. Hollow tine aeration – the next phase of our lawn renovation service is to aerate the freshly scarified ground. Hollow spikes are driven into the soil to remove tiny cores, which break up soil compaction and maximise the absorption of water and nutrients into the root layer.
  3. Reseeding – your old lawn is now primed to become your new lawn, and it’s time for us to apply our high-quality grass seed. Your Greensleeves lawn care expert uses a special machine to ensure even distribution and comprehensive coverage to every corner of the area.
  4. Dressing – The second-to-last step in renovating your lawn involves applying topsoil to the freshly reseeded area, allowing the seeds to germinate. This topsoil covers and nurtures the seeds, enabling them to grow and develop into the lush, vibrant lawn you’re looking for.
  5. Germination/watering – the final step of our lawn renovation service is a period of germination. During this stage, it is crucial to water your lawn regularly for up to three weeks. The germination process requires damp soil for new growth and is necessary to complete the renovation cycle and produce the lawn of your dreams!

So no matter how bad your lawn is looking, don’t despair and don’t give up on it – Greensleeves can breathe new life into it, and within a few weeks your green space can be your happy place again…

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