What you need to know about lawn irrigation systems

News | 10 May 2022
What you need to know about lawn irrigation systems

May is here and with it the promise of (hopefully) long hot days in which we can really get the most out of our lawns. Of course, while plenty of sun helps grass grow thick and lusciously green — too much can result in your lawn becoming parched if it doesn’t get the water it needs to stay hydrated.

If you’re banking on a scorcher this summer, then you might be wondering what the different options are for your lawn when it comes to irrigation, so here’s what you need to know.

Pop-up sprinklers


–       Very easy to use once installed

–       No need to move or pack away sprinklers and hoses

–       Discreet


–       Costly

–       Initial installation can be damaging

–       Hard to repair 


In the UK you’ll most likely have seen hidden or ‘pop-up’ sprinkler systems on golf courses. They’re popular domestically in the USA and are increasingly being seen in UK homes as well.

The biggest advantages of these types of sprinkler are their ease of use once they’ve been fitted. Combined with a digital water timer, your lawn will automatically be watered every day at a time of your choice, so you really don’t need to think about it again too much.

While these types of system offer the most automated watering experience they are not without their downsides. Pop-up sprinkler systems are expensive to install, and their initial fitting is destructive as the landscapers will need to dig channels across your lawn to fit the water pipe and the sprinklers. If later down the line a pipe springs a leak, then you will need to dig it up again to repair it.

Above-ground sprinklers 


–       Cost effective

–       Easy to set up 


–       Can be a trip hazard

–       Need to move off the lawn periodically to keep grass healthy 


These types of sprinklers can be picked up at most garden centres and DIY shops relatively inexpensively. They attach to your hosepipe and activate when you turn on the tap. Depending on the size of your garden, you can thread many of these sprinklers together in order to cover your whole lawn, and by combining them with a third-party watering timer you can automate when they come on. Some of the more premium watering timers even connect to your smartphone!

While above-ground sprinklers are a convenient and less expensive choice, they are not perfect. As the hosepipe and sprinkler heads sit on top of the lawn, you will need to move them periodically to prevent the grass beneath dying from lack of light. Leaving the hose draped across the lawn also presents a trip hazard and your hose may be damaged by wildlife, such as foxes or rowdy puppies, chewing on it.

Greensleeves’ hydration treatment

Whether you decide a garden hydration system is right for you, or you stick with the traditional hosepipe with a spray attachment, Greensleeves offer a hydration treatment that makes watering your lawn more effective, however you do it.

We use a professional wetting agent that has been specially developed to solve the two biggest water-related problems facing our lawns today — dry patch and the cost of irrigation water. We recommend applying this wetting agent in tandem with an aeration treatment, allowing the agent to efficiently penetrate the soil and reach the roots where it’s needed.

After treatment, you’ll find that it takes less water in order to keep your lawn looking its best over periods of prolonged heat, or even drought. Find out more.


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