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Petrol lawnmower care

8th December 2021

For many lawn lovers, their petrol lawnmower is their pride and joy. While we all know that electric is the future, for the moment there are few models on the market to match the power and convenience of the internal combustion lawnmower! That being said, petrol mowers require a little more TLC than your run […]

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Winter lawn problems you need to watch out for

23rd November 2021

We may think of winter as being a time of dormancy in the garden, but despite appearances, things are very much still active in the lawn, both above and beneath the soil. Although at a slower rate, grass continues to grow, detritus breaks down, and the pupal stages of insects grow and develop. This means […]

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Frozen berries on a branch

Five ways to make your garden friendly to wildlife this winter

9th November 2021

As we move into the winter months, we all tend to start hibernating a bit in our own way. Eschewing after-work social commitments or sessions at the gym, we prefer to cosy up at home where it’s warm. But while we may think we suffer from the seasonal chill, it’s nothing compared to the challenges […]

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Don’t Stop the Mow!

6th October 2021

Cold weather shouldn’t be taken as an excuse to pack away the mower. Staring out at the back garden on a dark and gloomy evening, the last thing you probably want to do is fire up the lawnmower. It’s no wonder then that so many of us buy into the myth that “you shouldn’t mow […]

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7 autumnal cleaning chores to start carrying out now

29th September 2021

If we think of spring as the time to carry out a big clean in the house, autumn is the time to carry out a big clean-up of the garden. After a long summer of pruning, planting and watering you might feel like you deserve a bit of a rest. However, by carrying out these […]

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