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When and Why to Feed Your Lawn

When and Why to Feed Your Lawn

Spring is the perfect time to apply a good lawn feed, as your plants are currently in their peak growing period where they need extra nutrients to really get the most out of the season. Lawn fertilisers are absolutely essential to lawn care, which is why they make up a large part of our regular lawn treatment program. You wouldn’t expect anything to grow without the right feed and conditions, which is why you can’t achieve a lush, healthy lawn without undertaking this essential lawn care task. 

When To Feed Your Lawn

Out of all the seasons, spring is one of the best times of year to apply a lawn feed. The plants are growing rapidly at this time of year and they will be lacking in nutrients after winter. Although sunlight occurs naturally for the grass to use, the nutrients in the soil can and will dry up if you don’t keep on top of them. Grass can only do so much with just sunlight! To give your lawn a boost after the colder months, a lawn feed in spring will make the grass thicker, healthier and most importantly, lush and green. Our spring lawn treatment includes a specially created high nitrogen granular feed, which contains all the essential nutrients. It doesn’t need to be watered in, and it is applied in combination with a moss control to really give your lawn the best chance for the new growing season. A granular feed is best for this job as it allows the nutrients to be dispersed evenly over a number of weeks.

Lawn fertilisers are also needed in the autumn growing period, to ensure the root system is strong to withstand cold winters. A feed applied at this time of year will keep grass growing, but at a slower rate, to ensure the grass is strong and healthy to make it through to spring. Healthy grass that has been well fed is less likely to be ravaged by winter cold spells.

Why To Apply Lawn Fertilisers

A well-fed lawn is a healthy lawn. For your grass to be strong, healthy and green, it needs to have the correct nutrients. Without a regular, quality feed, the grass will become thin, pale and stop growing as well. The sparser grass then allows space for weeds and moss to take control. In contrast, a lawn that is regularly fertilised looks greener and will have a stronger resistance to weeds.

Your lawn is a part of the garden that gets more wear and use than most other parts. Think how often you walk over it, or the children play on it. The grass has to withstand a great deal of strain, so giving it a good lawn feed helps it recover and develop extra strength.

For a great looking lawn that benefits from regular lawn care and feed, give our local lawn care experts a call today.


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