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How Your Garden Can Save You Money

How Your Garden Can Save You Money

Everyone loves to save a bit of money here and there, to help you save for the bigger expenses. Your garden might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of money saving tips, but this article will show you how you can have a lovely garden and save money whilst enjoying it. 

A Beautiful Lawn at Low Cost

Lawn treatments can cost far less than you think, when you rely on lawn care experts like Greensleeves. Using our professional services often works out much cheaper than trying to look after your lawn yourself, and it will bring significantly better results. A beautiful garden can have so many benefits, both to your mental and physical health, as well as your overall lifestyle. By spending less on creating a gorgeous garden, you can create another part of your home to enjoy all year round.

Grow Your Own Food

Consider using a section of your garden to add a planter or a vegetable patch to grow your own produce. You can get seeds very cheaply from supermarkets, or even try using the seeds from the fruit and veg you already have in your home. Choose fruit and veg that will grow healthily and come back each year, like rhubarb, pears, apples or plums, as that will reduce the amount of time and money spent on replanting or reseeding. Make sure that the food you choose is low cost with high yield, like tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers or blackberries. You could even think about installing a water butt to collect rainwater and make your own compost from kitchen waste, for truly cheap gardening essentials.

The Garden is Your Gym

There are many opportunities to get a good amount of exercise in your garden, which then saves you money on gym memberships or exercise equipment. Even basic gardening activities, like mowing, raking or digging, can work muscles all across the body and get your heart pumping for a cardio workout. Squat down to weed areas for a glute workout, or push the wheelbarrow to target your shoulder and arm muscles. You could even do step-ups on a low piece of garden furniture. Why not add a low-cost exercise mat to your garden, so that you can practise yoga or Pilates in the comfort of your own garden? Don’t underestimate a garden workout – there are so many brilliant (and money saving) benefits!

The Gift of Nature

Growing your own plants and flowers to then re-gift them as house-warming or birthday presents is a fantastic way for your garden to save you money. You can recycle glass or plastic jars and containers to use them as pots, to save even more money. Your friends and family will appreciate the time and effort you have put in to growing these plants, and house plants are a very fashionable choice of gift right now!


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