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How a well-maintained lawn can boost your property’s value

How a well-maintained lawn can boost your property’s value

Looking to sell your home? It’s not just the to-do list for the inside of your property that needs tackling before you welcome potential buyers.

Instead, various studies have found a well-maintained garden is a huge selling point and could add thousands to the value of your home. A 2020 study by the Post Office found a landscaped garden can add up to 77% to the value of your property. Meanwhile another survey by Faraway Furniture revealed an un-manicured lawn can knock between £2,000-£8,000 off a property’s asking price. And research by Barclays Mortgages found homebuyers take just 10 seconds to decide if they like a property, with this decision based on its exterior… including the garden.

All of which means ensuring your beds are tidy and your lawn is maintained are jobs well worth doing. Estate agent Kate Clapham says, “Gardens are very important to buyers and are often high up on their list of priorities when looking for a new home. Uncared for lawns and gardens can have an impact on how much they offer or even put them off altogether.”

Here’s how to make sure your garden is in tip-top condition for buyers…

  1. Mow the lawn

Unkempt lawns can be off-putting for buyers. The first step is to mow your lawn (check out our recommended lawn mowers under £500), tidy up your borders and trim back any hedges. This will show your garden off, and let buyers focus on the outside space available rather than how overgrown it is! We’ve got plenty of expert tips here for mowing your lawn

  1. Set the scene

Show buyers exactly how they can enjoy your garden by ‘dressing’ your outdoor furniture. Pop candles or place settings on your garden table, add cushions to your chairs and wipe down your bbq. It’s a simple way to help prospective buyers see the benefits of your garden, and how much they could enjoy it too.

  1. Get weeding

Weeds are an all-year problem and can quickly get out of control. Before putting your home on the market, tackle any weeds in your lawn or flower beds. We have a range of treatments focused on eliminating difficult-to-control weeds including Yarrow, White Clover and Woodrush – both on your lawn, and on any hard surfaces. Plus, here’s all you need to know about getting rid of weeds

  1. Declutter

Got old garden toys, grass cuttings or broken garden tools lying around? Just as you’ve decluttered inside your house, do the same outside too. This will help your buyers focus on the size of your garden, rather than what’s lying around!

  1. Have a clean up

Mould and algae often develop on outdoor areas like patios, decking and steps. Giving them some TLC and restoring them to their former glory is a big job, but one that can really impress buyers. Our hard-surface cleaning treatment gets rid of mould and algae, making them look better and reducing the risk of anyone slipping over on them. Find out more, and book a treatment, here.

  1. Get the experts in

We’ve been treating lawns for over 25 years, and are experts in everything from improving the health of your lawn to specialist treatments for lawn diseases and insect infestations. No matter what’s on your lawn to-do list ahead of selling your property, we can help. To find your local Greensleeves lawn care expert, click here.



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