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Garden Lighting Ideas and Trends for Summer 2018

Here at Greensleeves Lawn Care HQ, we are optimistically thinking that warmer weather is on its way (and hopefully to stay!). The heat wave we had in April has got us dreaming of BBQs and long summer evenings in the garden. Whether that might be misplaced hope or not, now is a great time to start thinking about how to use and enjoy your garden in spring and summer. Making it a social space for you to enjoy with friends and family is definitely a number 1 priority on our list. Once you’ve got a beautifully lush lawn, some outdoor seating and a party or two planned, you’ve got to think about the finishing touches that will really make your home a place to relax and enjoy. Lighting and decoration is a huge part of this, as it can transform a garden from standard home to a stage for fun, relaxing and memorable evenings. Read on for our gardening lighting ideas and trends for this spring and summer, that will give you a space to enjoy even once the sun has set. 

What Type of Garden Do You Want to Achieve?

Before you get started on buying lights and candles, take time to consider how you use your garden and what sort of design and vibe you’d like to create. You might have a young family, so you want something fun but out of reach of little hands. Or you might want something a little more romantic, with lanterns and candles. Plan if you want to separate or highlight a certain part of your garden. Are you going to keep it simple or add lots of layers for an even cosier feel? It is also important to consider that your garden lighting needs to look stylish and natural in the daylight, as well as at nighttime.

Garden Lights for Each Section of Your Garden

Fairy lights are a lighting staple and are a simple feature that will instantly brighten up any garden. Hang them high in tree branches, wrap them around tree trunks or make a canopy across structures. These lightweight and dainty lights really sparkle and look beautiful when intertwined with nature. If you want something with a little extra character, opt for the light-bulb style lights, which are also on long strings that can be hung up at higher parts of your garden.

Candles should be reserved for table tops, either on top of your outdoor dining table, or on smaller tables throughout your garden. These add a soft, romantic glow but make sure to keep them at a safe distance from flammable materials or small children.

Lanterns are great for pathways and for leading guests towards the key part of your garden. You could have large, glass garden lanterns along a path or you could hang Chinese lanterns along the fence or trees.

Trends for This Summer

The main focus on interior design recently has been cosiness, neutral styles and layers. This will definitely translate into outdoor trends this year. Make sure to add pillows and blankets to your outdoor seating area to make it even more inviting and relaxing. Add metallic tones, like gold or copper, with gold-style lanterns. Pair garden lighting with oversized potted plants to bring that house-plant style into your outdoor space.

Eco-Friendly Garden Lighting Ideas

If you’re wanting something a little better for the environment, whilst still creating a stylish lighting look, there are a few tricks you can try. Solar powered lanterns and lighting is a great way to light up your garden without the need for traditional electricity. In the summer months, they should charge during the day, ready to light up at night.

Why not consider recycling glass jars, for example large sauce jars, by washing them out, removing the labels and add a tealight in the bottom. These will create a gorgeous, rustic style whilst still making a second use out of containers.



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