Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Greensleeves Blog | 21 September 2021
Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Throughout the year we invest a lot of time and effort into our gardens so when summer arrives it is time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour. At Greensleeves Lawn Care we are passionate about lawns and always advocate that they should be a starting point for any house-proud garden enthusiast. That being said, once the grass element is in hand it is important to ensure that the rest of the garden is also in tip top condition to reflect the glory of the lawn. We have taken a look at the top garden trends for this summer and created some helpful, easily achievable hints and tips to really give your garden the edge during the warm, light days and balmy evenings. Whether you are entertaining al fresco or simply enjoying some peace and reflection after a long day we are sure incorporating just one or two of our key tips will add to the ambience of your garden.


  1. Water Features ‘“ there is nothing quite like the background sound of water to set the scene, from a light trickling of a modern stainless-steel water sphere to a more traditional rockery feature the variety available is extensive and designed to suit all tastes and budgets.


  2. Copper Accents ‘“ copper makes a striking contrast in a garden setting and is certainly making its mark this year, introduce it to your garden in the form of outdoor lanterns, plant pots through to furniture and ornamental features, and watch as it weathers with the elements from its bright orangey hue taking on a blue-green patina.

  3. A Little Pruning Goes a Long Way ‘“ don’t be afraid to get acquainted with your shears and trim back those bushes and shrubs that have taken over ‘“ it is amazing what a little pruning will do to their health and vitality, resulting in straggly areas growing back thicker and fuller.

  4. Mow and Stripe for the Ultimate Effect ‘“ treating your lawn to a professional treatment programme is only part of the job ‘“ to get the ultimate lawn you need to be dedicated with your mowing routine. Invest in a good quality lawn mower and ensure the blade is sharp and balanced for the best cut. Always coveted those elusive stripes but never been sure how to achieve them? The trick is a quality, weighted roller attached to your mower as you mow to bend the grass blades. Set your mower to a higher setting (approximately 2’/50mm) to create a softer grass blade that bends easily.

  5. The Buzz Word This Summer ‘“ bees. Bees are essential to the survival of our planet, create your own little bee sanctuary within your garden and contribute to the survival of this amazing eco system. You can get tips on how to make your garden more Bee Friendly here


  6. Ecological Gardens – your lawn is a full eco system in itself ‘“ if you take time to consider it in its full context rather than simply an attractive patch of green grass it actually comprises of thousands of individual grass plants ‘“ helping the environment by absorbing C02 and acting as a ‘˜Carbon Sink’. Furthermore, beneath our lawns the soil system provides a home to a wealth of tiny microbes and insects that all help the health of our lawns and furthermore our gardens.

  7. Feature Furniture ‘“ a real focus on outdoor living ‘“ swap that garden bench for more inviting items from bistro sets to loungers and love seats to corner sets. Add cushions, throws and feature lanterns for a real sense of sumptuousness and enjoy your garden well into the evening.


  8. Texture ‘“ adding a variety of textures creates interest within a garden whether it be through paving, external wooden cladding, contrasting plant choices – all have the power to add interest to an outdoor space whatever the size.

  9. Grow Your Own ‘“ you don’t need an allotment to gravitate towards ‘˜the Good Life’ and become self-sufficient with your own home-grown fruit and veg. Why not dedicate an area of your garden to creating your very own patch of vegetable heaven – completely organic and free ‘“ what more could you ask for?

  10. Let There Be Light ‘“ solar lighting is more popular than ever, and some well-placed lighting accents can truly provide a focus on features you wish to highlight, for example up-lighting a shrub or tree. In addition, some soft lighting can add depth and interest to the garden once dusk has fallen. Completely environmentally friendly and easy to install you will wonder why you didn’t take the leap into solar lighting sooner.


Don’t forget! This week sees the return of the RHS Chelsea flower show
– we can’t wait to see what will be showcased in the designer gardens this year!


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