Gardening and Mental Health

Greensleeves Blog | 01 May 2020
Gardening and Mental Health

Gardening and mental health have been linked for years, not just for those suffering with problems, but for pretty much everyone who doesn’t get enough time outside. The winter months can leave many of us feeling down, with less energy or desire to go out than we would have in the spring or summer. It is common to feel this way, and this month is a great time to overcome what is holding you back and get outside into the garden.

With so many winter gardening jobs to get out of the way before spring makes an appearance, there is always something you can do to not only help your garden thrive, but to clear your head, increase your mood and generally feel good about yourself. Here are some simple reasons gardening has such a positive effect.

Being at one with nature.

If you are generally a busy person, then your time enjoying the outside world is probably limited. Making time for just you and your garden helps you connect with nature, and the peace, quiet and tranquility can have such a positive impact on your mental health. The time spent in your garden can keep you away from technology or the day to day stresses of life. 

Planting can be therapeutic.

For those with mental health problems, social settings can be terrifying or at least make you feel uneasy. Making plans to plant some new flowers or shrubs has a calming effect, and the opportunity of having something living to care for and nurture by yourself is great for healing the mind. Successfully seeing your plants grow and thrive in your garden is a good way to improve confidence and self esteem. 

Gain gentle exercise.

It is interesting to know that having a few hours in the garden can burn the same amount of calories as you would in a one-hour gym session. Do this regularly and you are sure to see a positive difference to your mental health, as well as other aspects of your day to day life, including your sleeping patterns and weight. Try and make gardening a regular occurrence to really feel the benefit.

Be in control.

A lot of us have days where things get too much. We may have had a stressful day at work, or things simply might not be going your way. A great thing about growing your own plants and tending your own lawn means that you can have things exactly how you want them to be, and restore a little bit of order. How your garden looks is in your own hands.

Appreciate the beauty of your garden.

If you are feeling particularly anxious about something, or you tend to overthink things regularly, then try sitting in your garden. If you have a beautiful looking garden, observing what you have created can calm you down and help you to really appreciate the beauty in nature. As spring is on its way, it won’t be long until the number of birds you spot increases, and you’ll begin to see bees and butterflies on your colourful plants once more. 

Use your garden to improve your mental health and wellbeing. 

Gardening and mental health go hand in hand, and having your own space to tend and observe can help to keep you happier, healthier and stress-free. From planting flowers ready for the spring, to keeping your lawn free from leaves and debris, this space can help to regulate your thoughts and feelings and increase your confidence and self-esteem.

If you need help creating a beautiful lawn to call your own, Greensleeves offer a range of lawn care treatments for your every need. Get in touch with us today on 0808 100 1413 for help and advice.

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