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Speedwell Weeds Advice

Speedwell Weeds Advice

Spring is here! Which means your garden will be finally starting to show some new life after winter. Discover our spring lawn care treatments to get ahead and prepare for summer.

One weed that you need to watch out for is the Veronica Filiformis, also known as the Speedwell weed. This weed can be deceiving as it will start to grow with pretty, blue flowers with four petals. As it is a perennial plant it will persist in growing, eventually becoming invasive and will be hard to remove. Speedwell typically flowers from April to October, which is why it is important to undertake lawn treatment in the early summer so that they don’t get quickly out of hand. Speedwell can spread in a variety of ways such as stem sections being scattered by a lawnmower, birds can spread the weed when gathering moss, or from spreading compost when the lawn clippings haven’t completely decomposed. It is then able to regenerate itself by rooting at the nodes and is able to survive in most soil conditions.


You can first try removing the Speedwell by digging the weed out yourself to see if that will eliminate it. If this approach doesn’t work then we would recommend contacting your local Lawn Care Expert. We will provide the correct lawn treatment with consideration and accuracy so that your lawn care is managed without any other damage being inflicted on your lawn. If you are looking for high quality lawn care then herbicides can be the most effective tool when the weed is active to ensure it is efficiently killed off. We offer an early summer lawn care treatment that can help you manage these persistent weeds and bring your lawn to life at this crucial time of year. 


Want more information about spring lawn care? Check out our guide to spring lawn care or our tips on when and why you should feed your lawn. We’ve got all the tips and tricks!


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