Red Thread Disease

Red thread disease is a common type of lawn fungus that typically crops up during the summer months when the environment is humid and there is increased moisture. It usually occurs in small patches and can at first be mistaken for dry lawn before the signature red threads start to develop.

If patches of red thread are left undetected or untreated, the fungus can easily spread across your lawn. It’s therefore important to learn how to identify and treat red thread in its early days.

What is red thread?

As the name implies, red thread disease causes a reddish fungus to emerge on your lawn. The first visible symptom is irregular patches of tanned or bleached dead grass before pink or red threads begin to show after a day or two. Red thread isn’t necessarily a sign that your grass is unhealthy, but there are a number of ways to try and prevent and/or treat it.


In humid weather, the disease becomes more evident to the eye as thread-like strands or webs of coral pink to blood-red hyphae grow on the grass blades. The strands can swell to 2cm upward from the blade tip and can be easily seen. Red thread disease is rapid and your grass leaves can begin to die after 2 days of becoming infected. During these dry periods, the web-like strands can be visible for up to 2 years, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your lawn.


To reduce the likelihood of red thread taking hold of your lawn, we recommend maintaining sufficient soil fertility, avoid over-watering and provide good soil drainage. It is also important not to let thatch accumulate on the grass surface as this will hinder healthy growth. 

If you are concerned that your lawn is suffering from red thread despite your best efforts at prevention, contact your local Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Expert who can complete a free lawn assessment and recommend a course of action, including lawn fungus treatment.

If the disease has severely taken hold of your lawn, your local Lawn Treatment Expert can use an effective treatment of our specialist fungicide formula to aid in controlling and even killing fungal turf diseases as well as preventing any reinfection for up to 6 weeks. It is important to follow a sound turf maintenance programme to ensure your lawn is in the best possible health which will reduce the likelihood and severity of such issues.

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To read more on different types of lawn fungus, visit our lawn care tips guide which provides an overview of a wide range of lawn problems, how to identify them and advice on how these can be treated.

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