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Real Grass V.S. Artificial Lawns: The Lawn Care Debate

Real Grass V.S. Artificial Lawns: The Lawn Care Debate

So you’re trying to decide which is best for your garden, either a real or artificial lawn. There are benefits to both, but here at Greensleeves , we know that real grass lawns are the best thing you can have in your garden by far! You simply can’t beat the feeling of soft, lush grass under the foot in summer! However, lawn care and all the other work that can come with it can be time consuming. Artificial lawns can be an easier option for some people, but you need to consider the expense, look and feel of artificial. Before you make the decision, consider how often you use your lawn and what you use it for, and how much you want to spend. Here we’ll explain the pros and cons of each type of lawn. 

Benefits of Real Grass Lawns

Grass is first and foremost brilliant for the environment. Not only does it provide a habitat for wildlife, but it provides oxygen for you, your family and the planet. It complements the other plants and trees in your garden to create a natural green space for you to enjoy.

The next best thing about it is the look and feel of the real deal. Just imagine walking across a lawn of soft, healthy grass barefoot in the warmer months. Watching the kids play, or lying back and sunbathing on the lawn. There are so many joyful moments to enjoy on a lawn. Keep it regularly mowed and neat and you will improve the natural look and feel of your whole garden.

There is also the mental health benefits of having living plants and nature around you. It has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood by spending more time in green space like your garden.


Keeping up with fertilising and caring for your lawn can be a time-consuming and expensive task, but that is where our local lawn care experts come in handy. Having a professional care for your lawn is often much more cost-effective than doing it yourself and the consistency of care will mean your lawn will be healthy and looking fantastic.

Benefits of Artificial Lawns

The main benefit of artificial is the reduced maintenance needed to keep it looking great. There is no need to weed, mow or fertilise an artificial turf. This can save you time and money, giving you more time to enjoy the garden. You can also enjoy your lawn all year round, without fear of mud or frozen lawn underfoot.


There are more cons to artificial lawns than there are with a real lawn. First you need to consider the large expense that comes with buying fake turf. It can often costs thousands of pounds for a lovely-looking lawn, and you don’t want to pick a cheaper option to then have a garden that you don’t love the look of! You also can’t keep the turf forever, as they need replacing every 8 years or so, so the expense will keep repeating itself. This cost is much higher than the cost of overseeding your lawn.

If you have an uneven ground, or a sloping garden, you will need to take extra precaution or avoid this type of lawn completely. If your garden is uneven then you have to put down an underlay to even it out, before you then lay down turf. If your garden slopes then you might not be able to have artificial turf at all, as it often won’t stick and can slide to one end.

Finally, it has been shown that turf isn’t great for the environment. The production of the plastic and the lack of carbon dioxide processing are two reasons alone to choose real over fake. Replacing your lawn with artificial turf could remove habitat for some animals and insects.


In Summary

Overall, real grass has many more benefits in comparison to artificial. The look, feel, health benefits and environmental factors are enough to convince us that real grass will always be the best choice for any garden. If you’re needing help looking after your lawn, give our friendly local lawn experts a call today.



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