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Greensleeves North & Central Kent

Greensleeves North & Central Kent

Ian Horan
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Greensleeves North & Central Kent

My name is Ian Horan, and welcome to Greensleeves North & Central
Kent. We are proud to offer a personal, high quality, dedicated service
to ensure your lawn is in the best possible condition, and remains that
way throughout the year. With our wealth of expertise, and top-quality
professional products we are positive you can achieve the weed free,
lush green lawn that you desire. Our annual lawn care programme provides
bespoke fertilisers, weed treatments and moss control products that
will ensure you experience a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment
when looking out onto your well-kept lawn.

Q&A with Tracy & Ian Horan

How long have you been with Greensleeves?

“Since September 2019.”

Who else is on your team?

“Ian & Tracy Horan are the franchisees, but Pete (Ian’s dad) helps us out part-time. It’s a very family-run business currently.”

What’s the most unusual obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

“We have had a couple, but nothing really major! We have a customer who has such steep steps, that we cannot get the machines down them, and we have to manhandle the machines onto the garden using our ramps, and two very strong people.

Are you a dog or a cat person? (Or anything else)

“Dog, but we have a cat.”

What’s the best thing about your job?

“Talking to customers, and making the lawns look fab.”

Why did you choose to specialise in lawns?

“We love the outdoors, and nature, it’s a real sense of achievement when you make an average lawn into a really nice lawn.”

Which season do you most prefer to work during?

“Spring, it’s the beginning of the new growth and has an abundance of colour appearing.”

What do you like to listen to in your van?

“Podcasts about astronomy or politics.”

What’s your favourite post-work snack or lunch item?

“A cheeky Costa and a mars bar.”

Tea or coffee?

“Coffee mostly, but we also enjoy a brew.”

What are your social media channels?

“Facebook predominantly.”

If people would like to speak to you, what are the best ways to get in touch?

“All ways are great, mobile, landline or email.”

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The areas we cover are:

Medway: ME1 – Rochester, Burham, Wouldham. ME4 – Brompton, Chatham. ME5 – Walderslade, Blue Bell Hill, Luton. ME7 – Gillingham. ME8 – Rainham, Twydall, Parkwood, Wigmore. ME9 – Bapchild, Bicknow, Bobbing, Borden. ME10 – Kemsley, Milton Regis, Murston, Sittingbourne. ME11 – Queenborough, Rushdon, Swale. ME12 – Isle of Sheppey. ME13 – Badlesmere, Dargate, Dunkirk. ME14 – Maidstone, Bearsted, Sandling, Grove Green, Penenden Heath, Weavering. ME15 – Bearsted, East Farleigh, Hunton. ME16 – Allington, East Barming, Maidstone. ME20 – Aylesford, West Malling



ME1, ME4, ME5, ME7, ME8, ME9, ME10, ME11, ME12, ME13, ME14, ME15, ME16, ME20


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