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Greensleeves East Riding

Greensleeves East Riding

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Greensleeves East Riding

Thank you for visiting our Greensleeves East Riding website. Excellent customer service is at the forefront of our business and we are committed to ensuring we provide you with the healthiest, greenest lawn possible.

Greensleeves East Riding is your local family-run lawn care business. Our franchise was the fourth Greensleeves territory to be established nearly 20 years ago. Our expertise allows us to provide specialist lawn care treatments along with other effective services such as hard surface cleaning.

In 2019, Greg, our East Riding director, bought the business from his mum. Prior to this, he’s spent ten years in the Royal Air Force, where he developed key transferable skills that he now uses to run the East Riding franchise. With the help of his wife, Anna, they run a successful small family business.

Lawn technician Gareth joined the team at the start of 2021 and since then, has transformed hundreds of lawns. He has extensive experience working outside and at one point in his career, he had 17 miles of hedgerows to trim! Gareth loves seeing the change in the lawns once hes treated them, tea and friendly chats when its been a hard day.

Kevin is our newest lawn technician and loves doing the heavy mechanical jobs. Being a local lad from Hornsea and Tickton, he has always enjoyed life in a van. With experience as a farmer and local milkman, he knows all the back roads and the quickest ways to get to our customers. Again, he loves a chat and cuppa with our customers!

Our customers

We love interacting with our customers both in person and also on social media, Facebook in particular. We would love to see what youve been working on in your garden so please send us some pictures on Facebook. If youre interested in what weve been up to and want to keep an eye out for promotional offers, simply Like our page Greensleeves East Riding. We endeavour to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

Lots of our energy goes into building excellent relationships with our customers. This is well demonstrated by the high volume of new customers we gain from referrals made by existing happy customers, at the moment everyone who successfully refers a friend will receive a discount.

Our lawns

Please scroll down to check out our Reviews to hear what our wonderful customers say about us.

We absolutely love getting involved and seeing drastic improvements in our customers’ gardens. Weed filled, mossy, lawns can become picturesque lush lawns.

Its not just your lawn we care about…we also specialise in treating hard surfaces such as paths and patios. The treatments we provide will improve the appearance of hard surfaces and, importantly, makes them less slippery. Check out our before and after pictures to see the brilliant improvements we make.

Our friendly team are happy to help if youd like any further information or if you wish to have a free, no obligation quotation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Q&A with Greg Truby of Greensleeves East Riding

Tell us a little bit about what you do…

I manage the business, planning for the rest of the year and the following one. I review data from previous years and manage the marketing budget, create plans to grow and for staff recruitment. I also get on the lawns if required. Although that happens less and less nowadays, I did start out treating each and every lawn.”

Whats the most unusual obstacle youve had to overcome?

I had a dog following me around the garden while doing a lawn renovation. It was my own dog and there is a video.”

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Dogs all the way. We have two – Rosie and Tigger. Mini labradoodle and a Poochon.”

Whats the best thing about your job?

Watching the staff learn and develop right before my eyes. And of course, seeing the business grow.”

Why did you choose to specialise in lawns?

Its a family business. My mother retired so I bought it from her.”

Which season do you most prefer to work during?

Spring – everything is coming to life. We are scarifying and lots of new quotes are coming in. Its the busiest but the best time.”

What do you listen to in your van?

“The birds and the traffic. Radio is off usually.”

Whats your favourite post-work snack or lunch item?

Ham sandwich all the way. No butter. Just bread, ham, bread.”

Are you a tea or coffee person?

Water. I sound very boring, no radio, ham sandwiches and water!”

If people would like to speak to you, what are the best ways to get in touch?

By speaking to me on – 01964 564605 or”


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The areas we cover are:

Beverley, Bridlington, Driffield, Hornsea, Bransburton, Skirlaugh, Flamborough, Long Riston, Hedon, Thorngumbald, Preston, Leconfield, Withernsea and all surrounding areas



HU11, HU12, HU17, HU18, HU19, YO15, YO16, YO25


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