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    Spring Lawn Treatment


    It’s essential to look after your lawn all year round to make sure your green space is in optimal health. During springtime, when your grass is coming out of winter dormancy and starting to grow, correct lawn care becomes vital. We share our guide on how to maximise the potential of your lawn as the weather warms up.

    Spring is coming

    As the daffodils and crocuses appear beside our lawns and the trees blossoming, our gardens offer us a welcome and reliable oasis no matter the weather, global temperature changes or events taking place in the world.

    Just as one would spring clean your home, this season is time to do the same for your lawn. Regular care and a simple but effective lawn treatment programme will result in a lawn so healthy your friends and neighbours will be green with envy!

    Spring Tips

    Mowing Advice

    Moving into April, you should be cutting your lawn regularly to keep the grass tidy, healthy and under control.

    As we move through spring the warmer temperatures will usually ensure your grass is starting to increase its growth significantly. For the majority of us, this will be the first cut of the year. It is imperative not to cut too severely as this can weaken your grass and make it susceptible to a weed or moss infestation, aiming only to take the top of the grass blades off.

    It is a good idea to lightly rake the lawn first so that the blades are upright and easy to cut. Don’t be tempted to mow your lawn if it is wet or covered in snow or frost as this can severely damage the overall structure of the grass blades. You can neaten the edges by cutting the turf with a spade; you can also do this using a strimmer to ensure a tidy finish as part of a regular mowing practice (usually done weekly) with your mower’s blade settings fixed between 2.5-5cm.


    Spring is a great time to carry out overseeding or reseeding, which helps to fill in bare patches of the lawn, making your grass appear thicker and lusher in the heatwaves to come. Because year on year the seasonal temperature is rising, grass seeds are ready to spring into action much earlier than years past. Overseeding can be done at home or by one of your local lawn experts from Greensleeves.

    Weeds and Moss

    After the cold and wet months, your garden is at risk of suffering a moss or weed infestation, sapping essential nutrients and soil moisture from the grass. A lawn that is consistently well-fed and healthy can defend itself against these threats far better than one that isn’t maintained and nourished correctly.


    If you desire a lush lawn this summer, spring is the perfect time to make a start. During April through to June is when weeds are actively growing, so if your grass is experiencing a problem with annual weeds, early diagnosis is the first step back towards a healthy lawn.

    You can take action by digging out and removing any resistant patches of weeds and reseeding bare patches of turf left behind. However, this is not a cure-all; in some cases, hand weeding can be extremely time consuming and highly ineffective.

    As some weeds are more troublesome than others, a bespoke course of lawn care may be recommended. If you are struggling and require expert help Greensleeves are confident they will be able to reduce, control and control the problem. We find that a single treatment of our exclusive herbicide often reduces the number of weeds in your lawn by 70%.


    Moss can become a pervasive problem in spring, stripping the nutrients from your grass, limiting growth, causing discolouration and impacting the overall health of your lawn. Catalysed by excessive shade, compacted soil, poor drainage, low fertility, poor air quality and pH imbalance.

    To successfully remove moss, it is necessary to identify the severity of the problem. Extremely thick layers of thatch can limit movement of water, air, fertiliser and other nutrients upon which the grass relies. This issue can effectively address by scarification of the lawn surface, a process through which the grass is mechanically raked, eradicating surplus thatch. Springtime is the ideal season for scarifying because the grass is actively growing; this allows your lawn ample time to recover.

    If the primary cause of moss is excessive moisture, hollow tine aeration can improve general surface drainage. Aeration is a process in which small turf plugs are taken from the lawn, easing compaction and sub-surface thatch accumulation, allowing water, air, fertiliser and nutrients to penetrate the root zone.

    At Greensleeves, we treat moss with an expertly formulated product (entirely safe for children and pets) designed to target and reduce its strength.

    Lawn Treatments

    After being idle for most of the winter months, by spring your lawn is in desperate need of nourishment to boost growth, enhance strength and encourage its green colour. We have created our specialist lawn feed which contains high nitrogen granules, delivering nutrients to the soil without watering into the lawn like many lesser products currently available on the domestic market. Our spring lawn feed will also help to combat future weed and moss infestations.

    Overseeding can also help to repair the damaged areas of your lawn after the vigorous processes of scarification and aeration. Overseeding encourages better quality grass, lowering the damage caused by lawn disease, moss and weeds.


    March to April is the ideal time scale for a spring feeding treatment. A feed that is specifically tailored to this season helps to ensure that your grass has the best start to the growing season, and is ready to tackle potential hot and dry conditions in the Summer heatwaves. Luckily Greensleeves have created our secret-recipe that’s proven effective on countless lawns!


    Feeding works most effectively if a lawn is aerated at least once a year. Hollow tine aeration removes small plugs of earth from the lawn to ensure that water and nutrients can penetrate the soil and reach the grassroots.


    You shouldn’t need to water lawns in the spring unless conditions become extra dry or hot, and your grass needs a helpful boost. You could empty grey water (like washing up water) onto your lawn, use water from your water butt or mains source. It’s essential not to over-water your lawn as it can cause water logging and isn’t environmentally friendly.

    Seasonal Treatments

    Our seasonal treatments ensure that every season your lawn receives the best treatment.

    Our spring feed is designed to lift the lawn out of winter and provide a deep green colour.

    Our first summer treatment is designed to provide the thick, lush lawn we all know and love.

    Our summer fertiliser will strengthen your lawn, even through a hot dry period.

    Our specialist autumn feed ensures your grass stays healthy and prevents moss & weeds.

    As the months become colder we will protect your lawn against moss & fungal diseases.

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