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    Seasonal Lawn Treatments

    Seasonal Lawn Treatment

    At Greensleeves Lawn Care we offer a wide variety of regular lawn treatments to ensure that your lawn is looking at its absolute best whatever the season, whatever the weather. Our regular treatment programme is ideal as it is specifically tailored to help your lawn deal with the challenges it faces during each specific season of the year. Whether your lawn needs a little TLC or larger problems need tackling, our local lawn experts will know exactly what specialised treatments will get your lawn back to its best. Our “secret recipe" treatments have been made with your lawn in mind, giving the grass and soil the exact nutrients and protection it needs as the weather moves throughout the seasons.

    Seasonal Lawn Care

    Our regular, seasonal lawn care treatments ensure that every season your lawn receives the best treatment.

    Our spring feed is designed to lift the lawn out of winter and provide a deep green colour.

    Our first summer treatment is designed to provide the thick, lush lawn we all know and love.

    Our summer fertiliser will strengthen your lawn, even through a hot dry period.

    Our specialist autumn feed ensures your grass stays healthy and prevents moss & weeds.

    As the months become colder we will protect your lawn against moss & fungal diseases.

    Spring is the season that every gardener loves! The welcome change of warmer weather, plenty of rainfall and the buds of eager plants starting to show their head. This treatment will give the lawn a real lift and plenty of nutrients to get it out of the winter slump. In summer, we apply two treatments to ensure your lawn has all the feed it needs to get through the dryer, hotter season. Autumn is a beautiful time of year and where your garden and lawn starts to show the unique colours of the season. This is a perfect time to give your lawn a little extra boost, to prepare it for the cold winter ahead. Finally – winter! Don't forget about your lawn as it needs the extra care to survive the cold. Click on the links above for further information as to what our lawn treatments do for your lawn in each season.

    How Do Annual Treatments Work?

    Your local lawn treatment expert will visit your lawn approximately 5 times a year to apply a specialist treatment to your lawn; in addition they will also apply a weed and/or moss control if required. This treatment will ensure that the lawn is fed with all the nutrients it needs and growing well, whilst also being more resilient against weed or moss invasions. A two-pronged approach gives your lawn the best chance possible to flourish. We also offer a range of additional lawn care services specially designed to give your lawn that extra boost.

    What Problems Do Lawn Treatments Tackle?

    Alongside the regular, seasonal treatments, we have a range of specialist lawn treatments that cover various problems that can occur in the garden, such as insect infestation, lawn fungus and weed growth on your hard surfaces. What use is a beautifully green lawn if your patio is covered in mould and your lawn has patches of disease? These specialist lawn treatments ensure that every potential issue in your lawn can be rectified, giving you the lawn of your dreams.