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    Lawn Renovation

    Lawn Repair

    If you feel that your lawn is beyond help, do not despair! Greensleeves offer a five-step renovation programme for complete lawn repair, transformation and restoration. It will remove layers of thatch and patches of moss, deal with issues such as compaction and add nutrients back into the soil to help target root growth. In addition, the lawn renovation process will repair any damaged areas ensuring that your new lawn looks fantastic.

    Lawn Renovation

    Lawn renovation is a process whereby the lawn is stripped back to the bare earth and specialist processes are applied to help achieve a thick, deep green and weed-free lawn.

    • Can be carried out on small sections of the lawn as well as the whole lawn.
    • Helps remove areas of moss and thatch.
    • Repairs areas that have dried out due to thatch.
    • Results in a thick, green and weed-free lawn.
    • Seasonal specific fertiliser treatments applied 5 times per year.

    The best time to undergo the lawn renovation programme is during the autumn or spring months, when your lawn is actively growing. As with any lawn care treatment, applications can vary depending on the initial condition of the lawn, so an individual consultation with your Greensleeves Lawn Care expert is recommended.

    Our five-step lawn renovation programme:

    1) We aggressively scarify the lawn in two directions. This removes any debris including moss and thatch, helping to strip the lawn back to basics. Be assured that we will then rake up and remove the left over debris when the scarification is complete.

    2) Hollow tine aeration is carried out. Plugs of soil are removed from the lawn using an industrial hollow tine machine. This reduces soil compaction and allows nutrients, water and oxygen to penetrate to the root zone.

    3) The bare lawn is then reseeded with Greensleeves grass seed which will grow to create a lush and healthy lawn.

    4) The newly reseeded lawn is top dressed in environmentally friendly topsoil to provide a perfect environment for the seeds to germinate.

    5) The newly laid grass seed is left to germinate for 2 to 3 weeks whilst the lawn is watered regularly by the customer. After this time you will witness the beginnings of a lush and healthy new lawn which will establish and develop over the coming weeks. The speed at which this happens is dependent upon the weather conditions.

    If your lawn is in desperate need of a renovation, or you’ve noticed some things that are out of the ordinary with your lawn, then our lawn care experts are here to help. If needed, we’ll organise a service visit to your home to take a look at your lawn and to identify any problems you may be facing, no matter what time of year it is. Give us a call today on 0808 100 1413 or email us at info@greensleeves-uk.com.

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