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Lawn Mowing Advice

Lawn Mowing Advice

Your lawn should be mowed
as regularly as you can do it; at least once per week during the main growing
seasons of April ‘“ June and September ‘“ October. This can be relaxed during the
height of summer if a drought develops as the growth will slow. However, it is
important not to let the grass get too long at any time of the year, including
winter, as this will reduce the quality significantly, increase the likelihood
of moss invasion and reduce the aesthetic appearance of the grass.

Mowing the
grass too short will cause a number of problems such as drying out quickly,
loss of colour and allowing invasions
of weeds and moss. It will also weaken the plant during drought or heavy
use.  When deciding what make and model of lawnmower to buy there are
a number of factors you should take into account such as;


1.       The size of your

2.       Is the lawn flat or

3.       At what height
would you like your grass


There are a variety of
lawnmowers to choose from and the decision is entirely down to what is best for
you and your lawn. A cylinder mower is generally one that will give a
fine, high quality cut but they are often heavy and difficult to use. They also
require the ground to be even to cut the grass properly and need to be serviced
regularly to maintain their quality. A rotary mower is a general purpose
all-rounder that will suit most lawns and can come in many different sizes and
price ranges. A hover mower is often easier to use as they are lighter and can
provide a reasonable cut on uneven ground. Whatever type of mower is used it is
crucial to ensure that the blade is always kept sharp.


A family
lawn should be cut between 25mm and 50mm (1 and 2 inches) in height, usually
setting your mower to one of the higher settings will achieve this. A fine
ornamental lawn can be cut to 12mm (1/2 inch).


A good rule
to follow is to never remove more than one third of the leaf at any one time
and always remove the clippings as these may encourage thatch and moss. Make
sure that you mow your lawn in a different direction each time you cut it –
this will strengthen the grass and improve its quality!


If you need advice on the right mowing practice, visit our advice page.


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