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    Lawn Fungus Treatment

    Types of Lawn Fungus

    Fungus is extremely common in lawns across the country, and though the majority of strains of fungi are harmless, a few can cause your grass to become patchy, experience stunted growth, develop brown spots or rings and slimy patches – ultimately endangering the wellbeing of your lawn beyond repair.

    Some of the most damaging garden fungi that you need to be aware of include: Anthracnose, Red Thread, take-all patch, brown patch, pythium blight, Dollar spot, fairy rings, leaf blight, and rust disease.

    It is important to note what type of grass you may possess, as fine leaved grasses are less hardy and can be more susceptible to some disease than their rye grass cousins.


    The first step towards eradication is to correctly identify the specific and unique issues you’re dealing with, such as: fungi, moulds, and other seasonal issues your lawn may be suffering from and deciding on the best course of action. Greensleeves have access to, and will as appropriate, select from a range of professional products that are suitable and approved for use in order to control and destroy whatever is attacking your lawn.

    It is often very easy to kill a fungal turf disease once it has been correctly diagnosed, however, given the relatively short length of time for return, it is more difficult to prevent the lawn fungus from re-establishing itself in the long haul. Therefore it is important to follow a rigorous turf maintenance program that ensures your lawn’s health. Your lawn manager will be happy to discuss this with you.


    From time-to-time, it is normal for your lawn to suffer from a fungal disease or be exposed to environmental spores, that is why here at Greensleeves we offer a range of specialist treatments with which to help you control these diseases as and when they occur.

    To reduce the likelihood of recurring fungal spores and related issues permanently damaging your lawn, we recommend maintaining sufficient soil fertility. and keeping your grass hydrated while avoiding over watering. It is also important not to let thatch accumulate on the grass surface, as this will greatly hinder healthy growth. Scarification can combat this head on, providing a much more effective treatment with our intensive machine than you would using a DIY machine. Our lawn scarification process will thin out and remove the excess thatch and moss invasion that has built up within a lawn. Greensleeves advise that a lawn should be scarified every year.

    If a fungal disease has taken full control of your lawn, your local Lawn Care Expert can utilise an effective treatment with our expert fungicide formula to control the fungi and spores while preventing reinfection for up to 6 weeks. It is important to follow a personalised turf maintenance programme to ensure your lawn is in the best health, ultimately reducing the continued likelihood and overall severity of such infestations.

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    If you think your lawn is at risk of or currently suffering from any of the fungal diseases explored in this article, you can contact your local Lawn Care Expert for a free and complete lawn analysis. We will recommend a course of action tailored to you, including a relevant lawn fungus treatment. We are happy to assist you at every step of the way.

    For more information on lawn fungus, visit our dedicated lawn care tips page.

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