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What Are Weeds?

Generally, the term ‘weed’ refers to any plant that grows somewhere you don’t want it to. Lawn weeds usually produce flowers and seed heads at different times of the year, which ruin the uniform green of a lush, well-maintained lawn.

Why Have I Got Weeds In My Lawn?

The saying goes that to stop a weed coming back, you must destroy the root. Sadly, however, seeds are often carried back into the garden by several different sources such as pets, birds, and other wildlife – or even on the soles of your shoes. This means that if you manage to eradicate weeds completely, you’ll likely find some more later in the year.

What can I do about weeds?

We use our own special herbicide with several active ingredients designed to kill a broad range of lawn weeds, without damaging your lawn. We are usually able to reduce the number of common weeds in your lawn by up to 70% per visit. 

Weeds are best treated when they are actively growing, which is usually between April and October. Hand weeding can be a very difficult task and, in some cases such as dandelions, can worsen the weed problem.

Some weeds are a little more troublesome than others, but we are confident that we can correctly identify weeds and control your lawn weed problem effectively.


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