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With the best will in the world, some of the worst damage caused to lawns can be committed by their owners. Whether it’s cutting too low, not frequently enough or with dull blades, poor mower practice can cause damage to your prized lawn. So, here’s some simple mowing advice to keep your lawn looking its best, and to prevent accidental damage.  

What type of mower should I use?

When making a choice as to which lawnmower is most suitable for your lawn, there are several factors to take into account: 

  •     The size of your lawn
  •     The shape of your garden
  •     How even the ground is
  •     If your lawn is on a slope
  •     Ease-of-use requirements

A rotary mower is a great all-rounder that will suit most domestic lawns and can come in different size and price ranges. Hover mowers are often easier to use as they are lighter and can provide a reasonable cut on uneven ground. Cylinder mowers are suited to lawns which are perfectly flat and will give a fine, low cut, but are often difficult to use and need to be serviced regularly to maintain their quality.

 Don’t forget to keep your mower well maintained by cleaning grass clippings from the underside after use. And keep the mower blades sharp to ensure a nice, clean cut – essential to the health of the grass blades.

If you’re interested in finding out more about lawn mowers, you can read our blog on best lawn mowers under £500.

How often should I mow my lawn?

Cutting your lawn regularly at the correct height will encourage healthier growth from the roots to tip.

Your lawn should be mowed as regularly as possible – at least once per week during the main growing seasons of April to June and September to October. And do not be frightened to mow your grass in the winter too if the ground isn’t waterlogged or frozen.


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