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Resilient and versatile, moss are non-flowering plants that are, for many, the worst of all lawn problems. Moss will thrive in areas of excessive moisture, shade, and poor turf quality. Given the right conditions moss can spread rapidly, outcompeting the grass in your lawn to quickly choke it.

Why have I got moss in my lawn?

Mosses are hardy plants that can thrive in many environments; however, there are factors that will encourage their growth, including:

  • Shade
  • Clay soil
  • Poor drainage
  • Excessive thatch
  • Drought 
  • Lack of winter mowing

What can I do about moss in my lawn?

Moss can be removed relatively easily using our moss removal treatment; however, it is important to identify and resolve any root causes for its growth to prevent it returning year on year.

We treat moss problems with a specially formulated product. By doing this, we not only reduce the vigour of the moss, but we will apply our lawn feed to encourage the turf to grow and flourish.

If needed, we can remove the moss by scarification, giving grass the opportunity to grow through and dominate again. If the cause of the moss is due to excessive moisture, our hollow tine aeration will help to improve surface drainage and prepare your lawn to withstand any future moss invasion.


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