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What are leatherjackets?

Leatherjackets are the larvae of the crane fly. Or, as we better know them: daddy long legs. During the autumn months one female crane fly can lay up to 300 eggs in your lawn. Once hatched, the larvae wreak havoc in two ways: firstly, by feeding on grass roots which results in dead patches of lawn; and secondly, by causing their natural predators such as foxes, badgers, birds, and moles to dig up your lawn looking for food.

How do I spot leatherjackets?

The first obvious symptom of leatherjackets is yellow and brown patches of dead grass, but this is also a symptom of many other lawn issues. By digging into a small section of turf you will be able to see the leatherjackets in the affected layers of the soil. 

You will also spot leatherjackets on the surface of your lawn during heavy rainfall, as the water forces them above ground.

How can I treat leatherjacket infection?

Luckily, Greensleeves are here to help! Controlling leatherjackets has been made easier thanks to an innovative insecticide approved for use on personal outdoor spaces, such as private lawns – but only by professionals, such as your local Greensleeves lawn care expert.

September and October is the best time of year for administering a leatherjacket insecticide treatment to your lawn. And if you book an insecticide and spiking treatment together, you can save money! 

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Here are a few points to consider before you book an insecticide treatment with your local Greensleeves lawn care expert:

  • Greensleeves recommends mowing your lawn ahead of the treatment being applied
  • Water your lawn after treatment if no rain is imminent
  • If possible, delay mowing until after it rains allowing the treatment to work through the lawn layers 
  • Safety for animals: tests have shown it is not harmful to animals
  • Safety for humans: tests have shown it is not harmful to humans
  • Book insecticide and spiking treatments together and you can save money!


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