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What are chafer grubs?

No lawn lover wants to find a chafer grub (phyllopertha horticola) infestation in their back garden, but if you have a fear of creepy crawlies then they are truly the stuff of nightmares! 

These little monsters are the larvae of chafer beetles. They feed on grass roots which causes unsightly yellow patches on the lawn. As if that’s not bad enough, to make matters worse their presence often leads to foxes, badgers and birds digging up your lawn too while searching for snacks.

How can I spot chafer grubs?

Chafer grubs can be found under loose turf and are identifiable by their large curved white bodies, light brown heads, and several pairs of legs towards the head.

How can I get rid of chafer grubs?

We use an all-natural, environmentally friendly insecticide treatment that can eliminate chafer grubs and other lawn pests. Best carried out between July and October, we introduce nematode eggs to your lawn. These nearly microscopic worms seek out and target larvae – and keep them away for up to six weeks.  

This specialist treatment can only be used in the right conditions – the soil temperature must be above 12 degrees and additionally, the soil must be moist for the nematodes to survive once applied. Prior to the application, the lawn should be mowed and spiked to ensure that the nematodes have maximum opportunity to reach the pests inhabiting the top layer of soil. The nematodes will be mixed with water and applied to the lawn using a backpack sprayer.


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