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What are chafer grubs?

No lawn lover wants to find a chafer grub (phyllopertha horticola) infestation in their back garden, but if you have a fear of creepy crawlies then they are truly the stuff of nightmares! 

These little monsters are the larvae of chafer beetles. They feed on grass roots which causes unsightly yellow patches on the lawn. As if that’s not bad enough, to make matters worse their presence often leads to foxes, badgers and birds digging up your lawn too while searching for snacks.

How can I spot chafer grubs?

Chafer grubs can be found under loose turf and are identifiable by their large curved white bodies, light brown heads, and several pairs of legs towards the head.

How can I get rid of chafer grubs?

Help is at hand, however! Controlling chafer grubs in your lawn has been made easier thanks to an insecticide approved for use on personal outdoor spaces, such as private lawns – but only by professionals, such as your local Greensleeves lawn care expert.


This product is proven to be the most effective up to date insecticide for the treatment of this common lawn pest. For chafer grub infestations, June/July is the best time to apply the treatment. And here are a few points to consider before you book in a treatment with your local Greensleeves lawn care expert:


  • Greensleeves recommends mowing your lawn ahead of the treatment being applied
  • Water your lawn after treatment if no rain is imminent
  • If possible, delay mowing until after it rains, allowing the treatment to work through the lawn layers
  • Following the treatment, leave your lawn as long as possible before mowing it again
  • Safety for animals: tests have shown it is not harmful to animals
  • Safety for humans: tests have shown it is not harmful to humans
  • Book insecticide and spiking treatments together and you can save money!


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