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House Plants: How to Bring your Garden Indoors

As keen gardeners, we love getting outside and enjoying all our plants and bushes. But what to do when the weather is absolutely miserable and we don’t really fancy being outdoors? We all know how winter can take its toll on gardens and lawns. House plants are a fantastic way to bring your garden indoors and they bring with them a whole heap of benefits. From purifying the air, to various health benefits, to tackling nasty bugs – we’ll tell you which plants are easiest to keep alive and have the best benefits for your home.



Which House Plants Should You Choose?
Before you go buying some, it is best to think about where you are going to place your plants, how good you are at tending to them and what kind of look you’d like to create in your home. You might be looking for a plant-takeover jungle style, or maybe something a bit more subtle. With a bit of research, there are plenty of guides available in how to care for each plant, meaning that you will give it the perfect conditions to flourish.


Easy to Care For
If you don’t have the best track record with keeping house plants alive, it is best to go for a low-maintenance cactus. These look fantastic in the home and come in a variety of spiky styles. They take very little watering, as you can simply mist them every 10 days or so. They can be easily bought in garden centres or online and their popularity means that you can choose from a large range. 



If you’re looking for that perfect house-plant aesthetic for your home, think succulents. They have surged in popularity over the last year and don’t seem to be going away any time soon. Place succulents in a bright place and water them until the soil is completely wet, then leaving it to completely dry out again before watering again. Don’t over-water, as that will kill the plant. 



Air Quality
There are numerous plants you could buy for your home that will purify the air and make for a nicer living environment. A popular choice is the spider plant, which removes formaldehyde and xylene from the air and is extremely easy to keep alive and grow. It needs bright, indirect sunlight to flourish. Another firm favourite is the Aloe Vera plant, which is easily recognisable and comes with a variety of benefits. Not only is this easy-to-care-for plant going to benefit your air quality, but the liquid from its leaves contains lots of vitamins and amino acids that help wounds and are anti-inflammatory.

Why not consider hanging baskets too? If you want more information about lawn care, such as the importance of winter lawn care, then explore our blog!


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