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Lawn scarification is a mechanical treatment that removes thatch and moss, preventing various lawn diseases and helping to maximise the amount of water and nutrients that can reach the grass roots.

We use a powerful scarification machine which slices down and extracts the thatch and moss from your lawn. We can adjust the cutting depth to remove as little or as much thatch as necessary, meaning this process can be precisely tailored to suit the needs of each lawn.

While DIY versions of scarification machines can be bought online and aren’t that expensive, they’re far more like motorised rakes and so shouldn’t be confused with or compared to the kind of machine we use. Our professional machines are real monsters, employing powerful engines and blades to intensively cut down into the turf and vigorously extract thatch, moss and weeds.

What is thatch?

Thatch is a naturally occurring layer of organic debris found above the soil surface on lawns. While a small amount of thatch is normal, too much can develop as the result of frequent mowing or mulching. This excess thatch can start to ‘choke’ your lawn as well as encourage the growth of various diseases such as Snow Mould.

Why scarify?

Scarification is an important annual lawn care process for most lawns. Over the summer period when you mow the lawn frequently, excess debris causes your lawn’s thatch layer to overdevelop unless you carefully rake after every mow. This thicker thatch layer then starts to starve your lawn and makes it more prone to disease and infection.

What to expect

While the term ‘scarification’ might sound destructive, it’s actually a straightforward process that we carry out on tens of thousands of lawns every year. On the day of treatment, your lawn care manager will arrive at the agreed time and use the scarification machine across your entire lawn. You’ll immediately notice a large amount of organic matter being brought to the surface, but don’t worry. Not only is this to be expected but your lawn manager will then use a rake or leaf blower to collect all of the thatch, moss and weeds from your lawn and responsibly dispose of it all.

Hear from our experts!

Oliver of the Huddersfield Greensleeves branch says:

“Scarifying is so important for any lawn to encourage new growth in the springtime. It thins out unwanted organic matter – thatch – and of course helps to control the ever-growing issue of moss. It also slices through stolons and rhizomes to produce new plants and a denser sward as a result. I have worked in the industry for almost 12 years and I feel that moss in domestic lawns has become more of an issue during this time, possibly due to our ever-changing climate and cleaner air. I can honestly say that of all the 7,000-plus lawns we currently care for, the ones that have annual maintenance of scarification by far perform better than the ones without the treatment.”

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