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A good-looking lawn is a healthy lawn most of the time, but moss breaks that rule. Many lawn-lovers think they have a healthy lawn because it’s a vibrant green when, on closer inspection, that rich colour is actually the result of moss. Unfortunately, moss can outcompete grass in the cooler months, robbing your lawn of the space it needs to flourish.

Detecting a moss infestation

Unlike most lawn pests, moss deceptively presents itself in your lawn with a healthy green glow. The best way to identify moss is actually by feeling it. While visually, you may only notice an uneven look to your lawn, moss gives such a distinct ‘spongy’ feel underfoot that you’ll be able to detect it by walking on the grass.

Causes of moss

There are some environmental causes of moss, such as shade and soil type being favourable to its growth. Additionally lawn care practices such as incorrect mowing, lack of aeration or incorrect use of fertilisers may inadvertently encourage it. On inspection, your local Greensleeves lawn manager will be able to identify the reasons for moss growth in your lawn and advise you on how to prevent it in the future.

Preventing moss

At Greensleeves Lawn Care, our specially formulated seasonal treatments keep moss under control. These are applied throughout the year to reduce the vigour of the moss and encourage the grass to thrive. We recommend moss growth is further hindered by an annual aeration treatment to minimise soil compaction.

As part of every good lawn care regime, you can further control moss growth by regularly raking up grass clippings, not mulching and by pruning any overhanging bushes or branches that are keeping certain areas of the lawn in constant shade.

Treating moss

If moss has already set into your garden, we may recommend an aggressive scarification treatment in addition to our standard treatments. Scarification is a type of mechanical raking that pulls moss and excess thatch from the lawn, giving the grass more breathing space.

Looking for more information on treatment or prevention?

Whether you’re in the middle of a moss epidemic or you just want some tips on keeping your lawn pristine, please do get in touch with us. We aim to get back to everyone who contacts us within 48 hours.


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