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The Greensleeves lawn renovation programme is a 5-step package that has been designed to completely repair and revive even the most damaged lawns or barren expanse of soil. Lawn renovation is a better, more cost-effective solution for lawn repair than re-turfing a lawn, since that option doesn’t tackle additional issues such as weeds.

Lawn renovation

  • A series of treatments specially designed to transform the most damaged lawn
  • Can be carried out on selected sections of grass as well as the entire lawn
  • Removes moss and thatch or weeds
  • Repairs areas that have dried out due to thatch or soil compaction
  • Results in a thicker, greener lawn that’s also weed free

Lawn renovation is best carried out in the spring or autumn months, when optimum weather conditions are already letting your lawn grow at an increased rate. Since the service requires multiple treatments and applications, exactly how long each service will take largely depends on the size of your lawn. Since every renovation is a custom service, consultation with a Greensleeves lawn care expert is required before we start work.

What to expect

Step 1

Firstly, your lawn manager will aggressively scarify your lawn to remove as much debris as possible.

Step 2

Hollow tine aeration is the next treatment. This is where tiny plugs of earth are cored from the ground to reduce soil compaction and create channels for water, air and nutrients to penetrate the soil.

Step 3

The bare lawn is then reseeded using our own high-quality seed. Over time, this will produce a lusciously thick, deep green lawn.

Step 4

Once reseeded, we dress your lawn in environmentally friendly topsoil that cover the seeds and allow them to germinate.

Step 5

The grass seeds now need to be left to germinate for up to three weeks, during which time you’ll have to regularly water the lawn. It is crucial that the soil is not allowed to dry out to ensure the germination process does not fail. As long as the seed has been kept damp new growth will start to sprout as the bare earth transforms into the lawn you’ve always wanted.

Does your lawn need a lift?

Even if you think that your current lawn is beyond saving, it’s well worth contacting us because our lawn renovation service can completely repair even the most damaged lawn. Having a lawn renovation is also the perfect solution for recently reclaimed areas of your garden – the site of an old lawn or a removed patio, for example. Please get in touch with us to find out how we could help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.


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