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While there are many varieties of fungus in the UK, some are only active at certain times while others can be found year round. For the most part, the kinds of fungus that grow on lawns are harmless and nothing to worry about. That said, there are a select few that, if left untreated, can cause your grass to become patchy, experience stunted growth or develop brown spots, rings and slimy patches. If such problems are left untreated, they can lead to catastrophic damage that can be difficult to repair.

Types of lawn fungus

Some of the most pervasive varieties include Red Thread, Fusarium Patch, Take-all Patch, Dollar Spot, Fairy Rings, Leaf Blight and Rust Disease. Lawns composed mainly of finer-leaved grass types are less hardy and therefore more likely to succumb to damage from fungal infection than those composed of mainly rye grasses.


The first step to treating lawn damage is establishing its cause. Symptoms such as brown spots, patches or sliminess are tell-tale signs of certain fungus types, yet lawn damage can also be caused by moulds, moss, insects and wildlife. Once you spot any kind of damage, the best course of action is to phone your Greensleeves lawn manager and describe what you see or send them a photograph. They may then be able to identify and resolve your issue.

Your lawn manager will also check for any signs of lawn infection during your seasonal treatments and advise you of the best treatment options.


If a fungal disease has taken hold of your lawn, your local lawn care expert has an effective treatment in the form of Greensleeves’ expert fungicide formula. This controls both the fungi and its spores and will eradicate the disease before keeping it away for up to six weeks.


Prevention is always better than cure, and with certain lawn fungi being so common in the UK, a good lawn care regime will keep your lawn hardy and resistant to infection all year round. Your Greensleeves lawn manager can devise and talk you through a personalised turf maintenance programme to ensure that your lawn is in the best health. By keeping everything in prime condition, this programme will reduce the likelihood and overall severity of any subsequent infestation.

As a general rule of thumb, fungi tend to thrive on damp detritus in shady areas, so one preventative measure that everyone can do is keep garden debris such as fallen leaves, grass clippings and windfall off your lawn as much as possible.

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