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Endorsed by David Hedges-Gower

Endorsed by David Hedges-Gower

Greensleeves Lawn Care has received a
valuable accolade in the form of an endorsement from the UK’s leading lawn care
expert, David Hedges-Gower.


radio personality and author of Modern Lawn Care, the complete guide to a
happy and healthy lawn, has selected Greensleeves to be his
partnering company of choice as he feels their outlook towards lawn care and
core values are very much aligned. Together it is their mission to educate the
nation about all things lawn care and raise awareness about a topic that very
often is overlooked when it comes to gardening and horticulture.


impressive career began at an early age, when at just 19 he became the UK’s
youngest professional Head Greenkeeper. With David’s growing knowledge and
experience of lawn care he was soon appointed Golf Course
Superintendent and oversaw the courses used for major golfing events
including the World Championship of Golf and the Ladies’ English
Opens before becoming a lawn care consultant, consulting on some of the UK’s
largest and most prestigious lawns.


‘I am
delighted to be associated with Greensleeves.’ stated David ‘As the U.K.’s
leading lawn expert, I know that effective but affordable lawn care is not just
desirable but is good practice too. Having known Greensleeves for many years, I
am confident that they not only share in this philosophy but ensure it is
reflected in all areas of their work. Modern lawn care requires a blend of
traditional expertise and forward-looking environmental thinking. While there
are many lawn companies to choose from, Greensleeves has an excellent
reputation for quality, exceptional levels of knowledge and service and value
for money. They are the only lawn company I wish to endorse and I look
forward to a long and happy relationship with them.’


Greensleeves may not be the largest lawn treatment company in the UK their
passion and commitment to quality treatments and exceptional levels of customer
service makes them stand out in David’s eyes.


company have an unfaltering passion for lawn-care and set themselves apart from
the competition with their personal and professional methods. One of the
qualities Greensleeves and David Hedges Gower share is a dedication for
delivering personal expert advice and working to truly help their clients to be
self-manageable. They do this by giving advice on various lawn-treatment
aspects such as correct methods of mowing, and the appearance of moss, rust,
and other potentially damaging issues that could be avoided with the right care
and attention. 


The principal of Greensleeves Lawn
Care, David Truby, is thrilled with the endorsement: ‘At Greensleeves we are
naturally delighted to have found somebody in David Hedges Gower with the same
attitude to lawn care as ourselves, that is to keep lawn care simple and do the
basic things well, providing our customers with a service they can trust and
rely on. To have somebody such as David the author of recently published book
Modern Lawn care, recognise and acknowledge the strength in our service from both
a technical and service point of view is hugely satisfying and reflects on all
the effort that everybody in Greensleeves puts into making sure the lawns we
treat are the best they can be’.


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