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Daddy Longlegs & Leatherjackets

Daddy Longlegs & Leatherjackets

The summer season brings happiness to
us all, especially those who enjoy spending their days in the sunshine tending
to their beloved gardens, and thanks to the extended warm and wet weather
summer has attracted another group of lawn enthusiasts ‘“ Daddy 
also known as the Crane Fly.


Crane Fly larvae ‘“ known as
leatherjackets, are notorious for causing havoc on your lawn by feeding off
grass roots causing yellowish-brown patches to appear or encouraging predators
such as foxes, badgers and birds to tear apart your lawn in search on a juicy
meal.  They are often more numerous after a wet autumn, as damp conditions
favour survival of eggs and young larvae so it is important to spot their
presence early to stop potential damage to your lawn.


At Greensleeves we are already
helping our many custom
ers with this exact problem all over the UK by using
our NEW biological control developed in conjunction with one of the world’s
leading specialists. This entirely organic treatment called Biological Insect
Control ‘“ a solution that contains microscopic worm organisms which naturally
exist in the soil and are extremely successful at killing targeted garden


To ensure a successful application
the lawn should be mowed and spiked before the treatment is applied, allowing
the organisms ‘“ also known as nematodes to reach the pests in the top layer of
soil. After your lawn care expert has completed the application the lawn will
need to be irrigated for the next two weeks to sustain the damp soil. The
nematodes will penetrate the leatherjackets bodies with bacteria causing them
to die. Once the pests begin to decrease in numbers, the nematodes will slowly
reduce back to a natural level within the soil.


As part of our policy to improve your
lawn, all Greensleeves’ treatments are completely safe for children and pets,
so you can spend more time outdoors knowing your lawn is in the safe and
professional hands of your local Greensleeves Lawn Care Expert.


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