Preparing Your Garden For A Successful Spring

Greensleeves Blog | 02 October 2020
Preparing Your Garden For A Successful Spring

If winter has taken its toll on your garden this year, then you will probably be happier than ever to welcome back spring! Preparing your garden for spring is an essential part of encouraging new growth and injecting fresh colour into your space. To ensure you get the garden you have always dreamt of this year, now is the time to start making some changes.

Getting back into the garden after winter can really lift our spirits for both keen gardeners and new gardeners alike. Here are a few things you can do when preparing your garden for spring.

Clear debris and dead foliage

The first thing to do before getting stuck into your garden is to clear anything that could become problematic, such as dead leaves and debris, from your lawn, borders and flower beds. Leaves can be cleared away into your compost heap if you have one. Dead leaves, in particular, are perfect for compost, and removing them from your garden effectively reduces the chances of lawn moulds from growing. 

Summer-flowering bulbs

Getting your summer bulb order in now will ensure you have exactly what you need, when you need it for spring planting. We may still see some wet and windy days in the spring months, so doing a little planting can be the perfect task to get you in the gardening spirit. Do some research into new bulbs and seeds for your garden this year, and create a space to be proud of when summer arrives!

Remove unwanted garden pests

Over the winter, your garden may have acquired some unwanted guests that could damage your efforts once you begin to start planting again. Take a closer look at your plants for slugs and snails, and even species of larvae, which can feed on roots. If you find that your lawn regularly suffers from damage from insect infestations, then talk to us about our lawn insecticide treatments.

Collect rainwater

If you haven’t already done so, purchasing a water butt for your garden, if you have the space, is the perfect way to collect and store rainwater to use on your garden whenever you need it. What’s even better, is that it’s never too early to start! If you’re keen to do your bit for the environment, then harvesting rainwater is 100% environmentally friendly and helps to save water if there is ever a drought. 

Get those DIY jobs out of the way

If your fence has fallen victim to the numerous storms we’ve had over the last few months, or if your greenhouse needs a good old tidy up, then now is the time to get those little jobs out of the way. Check for any damage and fix or replace any broken panels. This will ensure your garden stays safe and looks as good as new when summer arrives.

Clean and stock up on gardening tools

There will always be gardening jobs to do throughout the year, so ensure you have all the necessary gardening tools you need to keep up with pruning, raking and trimming. Cleaning up last year’s tools will prevent any bacteria from being transferred to your new plants and shrubs, but if they look a little worse for wear, then it’s always nice to treat yourself to some new ones!

Preparing your garden for spring early will help you in the long run.

Spring lawn care and gardening jobs can help your space to thrive; keep these preparation tips in mind to ensure you are ready well in advance. If you need some help with your lawn this spring, get in touch with us today by calling 0808 100 1413 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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