October Gardening Jobs

Greensleeves Blog | 09 September 2018
October Gardening Jobs


The days are getting shorter and the temperature is beginning to drop, but there are still loads of jobs you can get done in your garden this October! Make the most of the Autumn harvest time, the seasonal fruits and vegetables and prepare for the coming cold.

Fruit and Vegetables

Beans and Peas: The beans and peas will be coming to the end of their harvest, so make sure you get them all! If you’re going to grow more next year, it’s the perfect time to dig trenches and fertilise the ground with compost.


Cabbages: Your cabbages should be ripe for harvest right around now. Be sure to leave the cabbage root in the ground and cut across the stem. This helps to encourage the growth of smaller leaves, helping you to make the most of each plant.


Pumpkins and Seasonal Squash: Those pumpkins and squashes that have been ripening and growing for the last few months are perfect for harvesting! If you leave them much longer, they’ll turn mushy and won’t be nearly as tasty.


Cauliflowers: Autumn cauliflower heads need protection from early frosts. Wrap the leaves around the heads, securing them in place with string.


Mushrooms: It’s the ideal time of year to start growing mushrooms! Invest in a mushroom growing kit to get you started.


Garlic: Get planting Autumn garlic bulbs now for the best harvest come summer.


Lawn Care



Fertiliser: Now is the time of year to give your lawn a final boost before Winter. It’s vital to use an appropriate autumn fertiliser that provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to withstand the winter cold and snow. It’s the perfect time to look at a seasonal treatment programme. These consist of five treatments a year that are tailored for each season and to your lawn. They’re done by an expert so you don’t have to put in much effort!


Mowing: Your grass’s growth will be slowing down. Give your lawn a final mow this month before it can be left for Winter.


Raking: Be sure to rake up fallen leaves to make sure the sunlight can reach your grass. These make fantastic leaf mulch and compost.

In the Greenhouse



Salad Leaves: It’s not too late to grow some late salad leaves. Reuse grow bags by cutting off the top and moving them into a greenhouse or polytunnel.


Shading: Remove any shading you set up in the summer to let as much light into your greenhouse as possible. It’ll give your plants the best chance to grow in the Autumn.


Move Vulnerable Plants: Smaller and more vulnerable plants that won’t withstand frost need to move into greenhouses or other indoor areas.


Greenhouse Heater: It’s a good time to set up your greenhouse heater to protect plants from early frosts and get prepared for the Winter.

Around and About

Bonfire: November 5th isn’t far away, so start collecting and building your bonfire. Cover the material to ensure it stays dry. Be sure to check for hedgehogs before burning your fire!
Check your Onions & Potatoes: Check your stored onions, garlic and potatoes to make sure there aren’t any rotting. These will increase the chances of others rotting, so remove them straight away.
Paint: Make the most of the last warmth and drier season to paint sheds and fences so they look great for the Winter and next spring.
Hedges: Trim your evergreen hedges and plants a final time before Winter.
Lift Plants: Lift potted plants away from the ground using bricks to prevent water logging in the winter.
Ponds: Cover your ponds with netting to stop autumn leaves from falling into them and clogging them up.


With your Feet Up


Order: Order your perennial plants, fruit trees and fruit bushes, including strawberry runners. Now and November are the ideal times to plant them for colourful spring displays and harvests next year.


Enjoy your Produce: Enjoy delicious squash dishes and pumpkin pies!


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