Kirkburton Nursery Learns All About Greensleeves

Greensleeves Blog | 21 September 2021
Kirkburton Nursery Learns All About Greensleeves

Our Greensleeves Huddersfield, North Sheffield and Wakefield team, recently took a little trip to a local Kirkburton Nursery. We took part in the ‘People Who Help Us’ theme running throughout the term. The parents of the children and other well-respected members of the local community came into the nursery. They came to talk about what they do and how they help people in their day to day lives. An important lesson for young children to take away!

Oliver, our lawn care expert for the area, jumped at the chance to get involved. As it has never been more critical for the next generation to learn about the environment. Activities such as growing, planting and keeping grass healthy are excellent teaching tools. Helping to promote an awareness of the vital ecosystems which maintain the health of the planet.

However a
s the little ones wouldn’t find the technicalities of a seasonal weed and feed programme particularly interesting, Oliver had to find something a little bit different up his sleeve to engage the children, hold their attention, and keep them inspired. With a selection of plant pots and buckets of enthusiasm, Oliver showed the children how to grow grass outside using compost and seeds.

The children filled up their plant pots (which they’d decorated beforehand) with soil and sprinkled grass seed on top. After the event, they continued to water the pots every day and watch their grasses’ progress. Within ten days, they were able to see little green shoots breaking through the top layer of soil. It’s now been over a month since the grass seeds were planted, with the children safe at home their grass has subsequently grown long and lush, their brightly coloured pots still on show in the nursery window.

We had great feedback about the event from all the staff at Kirkburton Nursery, which was pleasing to hear. Oliver has been praised for his visit, and we’re over the moon the event was successful. Great job, Oliver!

If you want to get bored kids involved this Spring, try germinating grass at home. All you’ll need is an old plant pot, a bit of soil, some grass seed, and the patience to watch it grow. Return to check your grass regularly to see its progress, and keep your plant pot on a window sill to ensure it gets lots of sunlight.

Do you know of any other local events to which our lawn care experts would be an asset?  Get in touch or let us know now in the comments below!

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